Raocow Contemplates Cat Planet (Animation)-1364148593

Raocow Contemplates Cat Planet (Animation)-1364148593

If you're here, you may be familiar with videos like this...

Most likely, you are probably here because you found this category on a page that you made. You are probably wondering why you were given this category. You may even feel offended. Put simply, your page was not deemed to be up to a minimum standard of quality expected from SOG wiki members. The story may have been too short or lack details, suffer from poorly-used cliches, or have errors in spelling, grammar, or formatting. However, there is still hope for you!

This category is not a death sentence. You have been afforded a chance to better your entry. Consider this a gentle warning to improve. Someone saw enough potential in your pasta to want to see it saved, and is using this to let you know. It is up to you not to let that person down.

Pastas that are assigned to this category have one week to be improved, either by the original author or someone else, before being given a 48 hours to Deletion warning, and subsequently marked for deletion.

If you need advice on how to improve your pasta, feel free to ask anyone, especially our mods and admins.

Note: Please do not assign or remove this category unless you are a mod or admin.  If you have improved your pasta and believe the category should be removed, contact a mod or admin to have them do it for you.


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