Cold dead eyes from hell is what you see. 

They must always remind you not to bleed. 

Somebody watches you from beyond the deep. 

I watch you with my cold dead eyes. 

How time flies and how I watch you grow. 

The door shut in my face with no care. 

My dark tears will fall upon your lips. 

With dark raven wings I guide you through this night. 

But you run away from me with a face full of fright. 

You wind up my clock heart, making my keys turn. 

My gears of love grinding against my chest. 

Looking at my own unmarked grave. 

For you see love, God never gave me a name. 

Hiding myself from you. 

These broken bottles though.. Carry no love..

And this broken bottle can only shatter glass hearts.

Ripping my heart out and tossing it in the fire. 

Have you no pity of this guardian angel of death full of woe?

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