Tales from the Depths of Hell

Got some pastas lying around? Want to contribute to a collection of pastas? Inspired by The Building or VikingFyre's Anthology of the Macabre? Well, this is for you! Tales from the Depths of Hell. I have an email address on my user page which you can submit your stories to. There are some rules, though.

1) Only accepting a maximum of 40 stories.

2) Usually the maximum is 1 story per person, but if you'd like to do 2, send me a message and let me know.

3) I won't publish your stories on one page, but separate pages marked.

For example:

If one writes a story called 'The Horror' for this collection and submits first, the title would be:

The Horror (Depths of Hell 1/40)

If one writes a story called 'The Terror' and submits to the collection second, it'd be called:

The Terror (Depths of Hell 2/40)

Well, I guess that's it. Enjoy!

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