Fear, Arguably the most important emotion but also, the worst to feel. Have you ever wanted to conquer your fear? Here’s how. First you must pick a desired time to go to bed (Although it can’t be before or during 7:30Pm.) Second you must be afraid to the point of paranoia or it won’t work as you’ll eventually will pass out and sleep like normal. Third, depending on what you’re afraid of most you’ll be in a scary type location. For instance, if you have Arachnophobia you would end up in a giant house full of spiders or if you have Thalasophobia like me, you’d be in the sea.

What’ll take Place now is, wherever you are a glowing white ball will slowly float towards you and ask a question “Are you afraid of me?” Now this is where things will really start to matter. Also please note both have a good outcome but will both be very risky once this is over.

You see this white ball is your personified emotion of fear, and it’ll transform depending on your answer.  If you say yes it’ll transform into your worst fear and you must fight it! But think up a good weapon because after you do you’ll be quite far from lucid. If you win you’ll wake up and be absolutely fearless for the rest of your days. If you lose however you die from a heart attack.

If you say no it’ll turn into the most beautiful person ever conceived in your eyes (Be it man, woman or furry.) This thing will ask you to embrace it,  once you do it’ll whisper…something in your ear (Although what it’s saying is not known) and when you wake up you’ll be in peak physical condition (Even as you age.) You won’t be fearless no, but at least you have you performance body to run away better, you fucking coward.

As for the risks, as you may have guessed being fearless can get you into pretty dumb shit so I advise you to keep your wits about you, as for the outcome of you embracing your fear, At some point in the day you’ll get unbelievably tired when this is depends on the type of person. Once you know when that time is it, you must know it is very dangerous to do anything in this state so you could end up getting hurt.

“Why would I feel tired?” you may be asking, well some say It’s because fear is our driving emotion, but who knows for sure?

And of course, a heart attack isn't very pleasant so…I hope you’re creative.

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