Patching in







Information retrieved, scripting through:

:::-Set 1: Viral Infection

Contagion 4793 identified. Evolving at a rampant rate. Strain of ordered virus, [Redacted]. Spreads quickly, often through contact. No cure identified, effects: The user ceases to function, however, the brain does not cease to be active. Many die quickly, unable to breathe. The brain also seems to be attacked, leading to signals similar to depression.

Worker 443 jokingly called the virus "Procrastinateous", which has taken to the community. He was terminated as a suspected usurper.

:::-Set 2: Aerial Infection

Contagion 4793.1 identified. Evolving has slowed down, however the effects have changed so that the body lasts longer, allowing them to spread the infection with their breath, which it begrudgingly allows them. After 2 hours, their body begins to degrade as though they were dead. After 4, they [Redacted].

No known survivors, as opposed to the two survivors of the original strain who are being tested and then dissected.

The brain seems to have lapsed in to a "lazy" state, so no fight back is made. The contagion just attacks, and wins.

:::-Set 3: Festering Spread 

Contagion 4793 has escaped quarantine and ceased evolving, still no possible vaccine. It has successfully entered "immortality", with possible sentience. Infected bodies never degrade. Infected bodies begin to have welts on several locations, which are triggered at will when people come nearby. No survivors, over 15[Redacted] people "dead".

The body doesn't register the cells as a threat until it is already launched, possibly out of a sort of passivity.

Contagion 4793 is aptly named, "Procrastinateous".

The worst fate is that of nothing, nothing for all eternity.

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