I, honestly, LOVE all Mario games! And today, I got my first hacked cartridge: Super Mario Bloodmoon. It was a hacked version of Super Mario Sunshine. And I'll tell you a story, it wasn't like any other...

It was a normal Super Mario Sunshine, but when they got to the island, it was raining, and no one was there. It appears the commercial they saw was not true. They were walking into the park, and the camera looked at a sign.

The sign said, "ABANDONED!"

When they were walking, Peach noticed something odd. She saw a shadow, running through the trees, while the other two felt like they were being watched. My system froze and I decided to try again the next day.

May 5th

My file was saved, and I chose it. The sky started to turn red. Mario was sad... and hurt. There were bruises and cuts all over him. He dragged his leg wherever he needed to walk. I didn't see his face yet. Then I put down the controller. Mario started to sit on the entrance stairs... and then my game crashed with this screen.

Distraught mario