It's five past three, the afternoon sun gleams over the bloodied streets. Corpses. Corpses killing, eating, growing. The once busy highway is now abandoned with only the shambling corpses and burning cars populating it. I see a man running across the pavement, several corpses giving chase. He reaches the guard rail and turns to face the corpses. He's out numbered. The corpses rush in and tear him apart in seconds. His screams echo in my ear. I turn away from the scene and drift down the highway.

The crunching noise of a tank roars in the distance. The army has yet again sent out a plan to rid the city of corpses. The tank speeds past me, soon followed by several jeeps. The vehicles stop in front of a group of corpses. Men get out of the jeeps and blast the corpses with fire. For once the corpses stayed down as the flames burned away their flesh and blacken their skeletons. After fifteen minutes all the corpses are destroyed leaving only a pile of charred bones. They know how to stop them. The men enter the jeeps and continue on.

Suddenly the highway begins shaking. The jeeps stop just in time to avoid entering the mouth of a giant worm. The tank was not as lucky for the worm crunched down on its hull. The screams of men are heard as the worm drags its prey into the earth. The jeeps speed off in the opposite direction abandoning the highway once again. I follow closely behind.

The jeeps speed by the fallen city welcome sign. I read the sign, it reads "Welcome To Endersville." I arch my scythe towards the sign and swing down etching words on the metal. I finish writing and look down on the sign. I softly speak, "Welcome To Endersville, WhErE HoPe No LoNgEr ExIsTs." I place the sign back upright so anyone entering the city can see my warning.


Written By: Gamesitegames

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