Hey jen, robert here, just callin' to see if ur still up for our little date tomorrow night! it'll be fun and I promise to make you scream! ;)”

Text received Oct. 30, 2013, 9:30 PM. Reply. Ignore. Delete. Forward.


Robert! heyy its jen. Yea im still up for it, you naughty little boy ;))”

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Jennifer closed her phone and set it on the night stand next to her bed, then crawled back under the covers as she snuggled back into the arms of the man laying next to her. “What was that about?” the man asked, as he leaned his head down and started to suck on Jennifer's neck. Jennifer, letting out an erotic sigh replied “Just some spam text, don't worry about it, babe.”

The man shrugged, continuing to suck on Jennifer's neck as movements began to stir under the covers of the bed. Jennifer, struggling for a moment to resist the pleasure coursing through her entire body, reached over, grabbing the bottle of Five o'clock Vodka and took another swig before getting back into her pleasurable 'business'. For hours, the only sound that could be heard were the bed bouncing, the upstairs floor creaking beneath it, and Jennifer's long, drawn out, pleasured screams and moans.

The next day, Jennifer woke up to the sound of her text message ring-tone. She opened her eyes slowly, sitting up in her bed next to the man, grabbing her head and groaning. Jennifer reached for her phone and flipped it open;


“get ur sexy little ass over here baby, im ready for you ;)”

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“Oh, shit!” Jennifer exclaimed, rushing out from under the covers and making a mad dash for the bathroom. The man laying in her bed awoke, “What is it? What's wrong?!” he questioned, rubbing his head as he fought to keep his eyes open. “Get out of my house, loser, I have things to do tonight and an hour to get ready!” Jennifer nagged.


“hey sexy boy, it's jen, im on my way now! ;)”

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Suddenly, Jennifer's car stopped on its own without warning. “Shit, no! I'm going to be so late! Damn it!” Jennifer ranted, as she unbuckled, opening her car door. Jennifer stepped out of the car to determine the cause of the random breakdown, to find out that someone had left nails lying in the middle of the road, which flattened her tire.

Jennifer was stuck, on a long stretched out road, miles away from any civilization, and with little to no cellphone service. Before long, Jennifer had noticed someone keyed a message on the side of her car, which read :

“You're a haggin naggin scallywag 'n a slippery slimy slut. Fungus slides between your thighs, and soon maggots will infest your butt. You're a grimy, two timing, straight up hoe, I thought I'd just let you know, the kind that makes my teeth grind, and it's time for you to go.”

Suddenly, Jennifer heard what sounded like someone breathing through a respirator coming from the woods just off of the road next to her. Panicking, she quickly got back into her car, locked the door, and ducked under the seat out of sight. Suddenly, from outside of her car, Jennifer could hear footsteps, along with the now much louder sound of someone breathing through a respirator.

Jennifer quickly reached for her cellphone and tried dialing 911, but the service was too low and the call did not go through. Suddenly, the front passenger seat window was broken by a long, metal mace, and Jennifer now had a view of her assailant. There, just outside of the car window, was a tall figure, wearing a brown tench coat and a black gas mask carrying a spiked mace.

“Two, four, six, twelve, fifteen, eighteen, twenty. You're too damn young and too damn slutty, you should have never fucked for money.” The figure spoke in a deep voice, reaching his hand in and unlocking the car door. “Who are you?!” Jennifer screamed, climbing into the back seat, in an attempt to keep her distance. The figure took off his gas mask to reveal it was the man from the previous night, he then spoke

“Lucky fucking Jennifer, always getting laid, goin' around giving guys frowns, 'cause their always getting played. Now poor Jen's gonna die because she lived her little lie. Such a shame, in her little game, she forgot to inquire my name. But now she's seen my pretty face, so I have to club her with my mace.”

The man then reached over with his mace, bludgeoned Jennifer in the head, and walked away, leaving her to bleed to death as he spoke one last time “Those who know and fear of me often run inside. I bash their skulls and crack their bones, for my name is Cousin Hyde...”

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