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~7-Eleven Special


~A Call

~A Different Kind of Love

~A one, are you?

~A Victim

~Abandon Lonliness

~Adventures of a Single Parent

~After School

~Age of Seasons, The

~Ala Wants to Play with You

~All Hail The King

~All in the Execution

~Always Crying



~Amnesia: The Dark Descent

~And Hell Will Follow Me

~Animal Crossing City Folk Sparkie.exe



~Anthem of the Angels

~Anything You Want (AYW)

~Ao Oni


~April 12th Mind Story

~ATV Offroad Fury 4 Creepypasta: Dead Rider

~Axe, Candle, Rope


~Ballad of Lonliness, The

~Balloon Fright: NES

~Barry's Funeral

~Battlefield 3: S E R V E R

~Bead Dice Sky

~Because of Disney

~Bedtime Stalker

~Behind A Closed Door

~Behind the Mask

~Bell luna

~Bells to the End

~BEN - Tou thoynuld shae nodve dath

~Ben's Song

~Birth of a killer, The


~Blockdeads, The

~Blood on the Cornfields

~Blood. The Nightmare


~Boktai: Black Sun

~Born again

~Bottled Message

~Bound to Follow

~Bowser's Vengance

~Broken Friendship

~Buried Alive Wins

~Burn in Violet

~Bury the Revolver



~Cabin, The

~Campfire Tale

~Car, The



~Castlevaina Simon's Death

~Castlevania -1



~Chi the Hellhound




~Contra Hardcore


~Cortana Letters, The

~Cosmic Destroyer, The ^*

~Crash-d Memories

~Creepypasta: Starfox 64

~Critical Hits Are Killer: A Memory Game Sequel

~Curly (Pokemon Creepypasta)

~Cyrebro Code


~Dan (Iji Creepypasta)

~Dan Melsner

~Dark Emotions

~Darker Findings

~Dark Look at Pokemon, A

~Dark Dratini, The

~Dead Man's Chant

~Death's Woes


~Defective Device, The

~Demonic Frame Jehuty


~Depressing Rescue Team Hack


~Diner, The

~Disney's River Country

~Doomwheel Forest

~Don't Ignore, ME!


~Doom 3 Arena

~Doomed World, A

~Don't Remember.



~Dreamer's Game, The

~Dream Cast

~Ducktales Glitch


~Earthbound: Crypt of the Ancients

~Easter Egg - Snow on Mt. Silver

~Ed Edd n Eddy: The Game

~Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Blood Knight's Reatreat, The

~Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Isabel My Love

~Elevator Safety Guidelines


~Empty Boxes

~Ep. 0 - Alone

~Escherian Stairwell, The

~Everything Will Be Okay

~Evil Otto

~Eyes Of Survival


~Experience with the Lavender Town Syndrome, An



~F1 2012

~Faithful Dog and His Beloved Master, The

~Flase Compassion

~Fallout 2 Secret Ending

~Fallout: New Vegas - The Door

~Family Night

~Far Cry 3 Haunting

~Far Cry 3: The Encounter

~Faz Juez

~Fire Emblem: Demonic Stones

~Forever Inseperable

~Follow Me, Free Me

~Fool's Gold

~Forever Lost Spatula

~Frozen in Time


~Game You Fall in Love With, The

~Games Will Take Your Life


~Gate Keeper, The

~Gears of War 3 : That's Enough

~Genocide City

~Genesect: The Lost Disk

~Give me the Butter


~Gm Construct Framework

~Glitch: Final Days *

~Glitchlett *

~Glitchman - The Protector


~Going Beyond Hell Valley

~Grand Rebel

~Green Satin

~Grin in the Dark



~Halo Beta

~Halo 2:Oracle

~Halo 2:Oracle The Missing Entrys

~Hanging Gardens ^



~Harnessing Ruin

~Harvest Moon : Mineral Town

~Haunted Gaming Lost Episode *

~Hear My Cry

~Heartbreak Hotel


~Herobrine on the Xbox


~The Hero

~Herobrine: The Stalker

~House, The

~Howling Dust, A

~How NOT to Write a Creepypasta



~It's All It Took


~I Am...

~I Am Real


~I Hate Video Games


~I Need My Medication

~It's Watching*

~I Won't Leave You ^


~Jenny's Game


~Jumble of Letters, A

~Just a Dare

~Just Darkness

~Just a "Nightmare" *^


~Keeper Beware

~Key, The

~Kill Kill


~KiyoshiSNES *


~Last Big Secret, The

~Last Piece, The


~Lavender Guilt

~Legends of Arceus

~Legend of Zelda: The Dark Rites, The*

~Left 4 Reality

~Link's Awakening

~Link To Your Past, A


~LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: Tired of Life

~Lone Wolf Radio

~Look at Horror, A

~Lost Superman Cartoon


~Lucid Mystery

~Luigi's Beta Mansion


~Majora's Malice

~Man of the forest

~Maria's Revenge (With Footage) *

~Mario: No More Sunshine

~Mario Party DS: Death Sentence

~Mask, A

~Mattel Electronic Football Theory

~Maverick Theroy

~Max Payne: Valkyr

~Meet Maegan

~Memory Cards by the Pizza Delivery Guy

~Meta Man M: Passcode of Horror

~Metroid Corrupted

~Metroid Dark Echoes (Creepypasta)

~Metroid: Mother?

~Might and Magic: Darkside of Xeen

~Milla's Children

~Minecraft Server

~Minecraft: Someone is Watching Me

~Mirrored Closets



~Mole Mania: The Old Mole

~More Than Historical Monument

~Mother's Revenge

~Mother 3 Porky's Revenge

~Movies: Hell Pack, The

~My Buddy Sandman

~My Grandfather

~My Only Friend


~N's Room

~Ned Flanders Creepypasta

~NES Rescue

~Never Stop Running *

~Nice to Mii You

~Night Mother

~Nightmares in Dreamworld

~Night Time

~Nightoss Pastas

~Nine Lives

~Ninten's Revenge

~Nowhere to Land


~Oblivion: It's Coming For You

~Ombra, The

~One More Headshot

~Only A Dream

~Origin of Cruentus Demonia, The


~Out For Blood


~Pac Man World 2: Respawn

~Pale Luna

~Paper Mario TTYD: Rest In Peace

~Paper Mario: The Door To Doom

~Peaceful Rest


~Perfect Game

~Phantom Gamecube


~Pikachu's Rage

~Plague Inc: Reality


~Playing the Game

~Point of No Return

~Pokemon Dark Green

~Pokemon Golden Yellow

~Pokemon LeafGreen: Semira Nox

~Pokemon OBSIDIAN Black *

~Pokemon Theory: Lumiose City Crisis

~Pokemon Yellow Creepypasta

~Pokemon 666

~PokePasta: The Wrath of The Titan

~Pool, The

~Possession, The


~Project K

~Prototype 10: Would You Kindly?

~Psychonauts:It's Just a Game

~Puppet Master





~Rake, The *


~Real Time Minecraft

~Reaper Scythe: Dark Chip



~Return to Hyrule

~Revenge of the Forgotten (LoZ:AlttP)



~RPG Maker: Luke's Test

~Ruins of Wind, The




~Sae's Revenge

~Sad & Strange Fate of Vincent, The


~Sheegoth *

~Shin Megami Tensei: If... Incident


~Shadow Saga Part 1: Shadow Link, The

~Shadow Saga Part 2: The Escape, The

~Shadow Saga Part 3: The Girl, The

~Shadow Saga Part 4: The Investigation, The

~Shadow the Hedgehog 2

~Shake Shake


~Sims 3 Paralyzation Glitch, The

~Silent Hill: Crossing Lines

~Sims Free, The

~Skylanders Creepypasta, A

~Skyrim: Beta Disc

~Slappy's Happy Mirror Maze


~Slender Creepypasta

~Slenderman: How It All Began


~Smile Dog

~Soldier Down

~Soldier's Return, The

~Sombrero wearing dinosaur

~Sonic 1 Tails

~Sonic's Lingering Spirit

~Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Hacked Cartridge (Genesis)

~Sorry Isn't Good Enough


~StarMade: The Miner's Tycoon

~Storm, The

~Subjected to a Beating

~Super Metroid



~Taboo: The Sense of Dread

~Tape from Treasure Island, A *


~Terrible Fate, A

~Terror Lane 1

~Terror Lane 2

~Terror Lane 3

~Thank You For Playing Rayman

~The Legend of J.D. Abraham

~The House That Death Forgot

~Through Shadow's Eyes

~Timesplitters 2 the 1000th kill

~Time Step 2

~To the Next Inmate

~Tochukaso Mushrooms

~Tony Hawk's Skate or Die

~Trichotillomania ^*




~Truth About Captain Syrup, The

~Truth About Minecraft,The

~Tunnel, The

~Two Weeks' Notice

~Talking Angela

~River Country disappearance The


~Uboa Mod, The

~Uncensored Manhunt


~Uneasy Lies the Head

~Unending Darkness


~Unmatched, The

~Unreleased Album: The Factory


~Unsavable Silver


~Venturer Plug N' Play

~Victim, A

~Villanelle for the Sick


~Vivillon, Number 666


~Wacko's Neighborhood


~Wario Land 3: The Hidden Figure

~What a Waste

~Why Not Me?

~Wii are Twisted *

~Wii C U


~World -1

~World Died Crimson, A

~World Ends With Neku, The

~Writing a Creepypasta


~Xbox Forgotten

~Xibalba --- A Poem of Death



~You Are in a Room

~Your Fate is in The Cards

~Yu-Gi-Oh! Type: Ghosts


~ZBOX 1300, The

~Zelda 3 Prototype

~Zelda's Hidden Genocide

~Zelda: Termina's Secret


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