College DaysEdit

Back at the university in 1993 I had quite an interesting time. I had a girlfriend, Jessica and a rival named Finn. Finn was my rival because whenever he could, he would try to win Jessica's heart . Obviously I knew he would never win over her heart, I thought he would give up eventually, but he didn't. When I graduated a bit later Finn gave me a note. All it said was On October 15 2013 the curse will awaken.  I just chuckled and thought it was only a bit suspicious since Jessica's birthday was on October 15. I honestly wasn't worried since the year was 1995 and it was probably fake.

October 15 2013Edit

The day had come Jessica's birthday. At the time I only thought about the note a little bit, but still wasnt too worried about it. I went down to my local Albertson's store and bought a cake when I drove back a strange black light was going into the window of my house, where Jessica was. I hurried in, put the cake down and went up to tell Jessica. When I walked in a black light was drilling into the area of Jessica's heart. Jessica was ghostly pale, I tried talking to her but she wouldn't respond. Eventually the black light stopped and there was a black hole in her chest. Something came through the window. I looked into the eyes of it. I had a hard time breathing and I felt weak. My head was bursting with sounds. It sounded like a cluster of people saying, "I told you I would win her heart." I finally gained control of myself and saw Jessica's heart getting lifted out the window by the dark light. I was shocked, disgusted, and amazed at the same time. The thing looked into my eyes and I heard a cluster of voices again say in an eerie tone, "Goooodbye." I fainted. I woke up in a coffin next to a dead Jessica. I was able to move my hand a little and saw that I was a skeleton. I found a note on my chest all it said was From Finn.

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