Adults say that there is nothing in your closet, no one hiding under your bed. Of course, They are wrong. The monsters, as always, are hiding in the dark, nonexistent. Until. You overcome your fear, so they have a reason to scare you again. This is how the universe will shatter. The cycle of fear, such as reading about Jeff the killer, getting over your fear, Seeing his knife hanging out of your closet. The universe is kept in status because of the fear and courage being equal. But, if the courage goes overboard, the universe can't take the change. Thus, it shatters, and re forms. The shatter warps life as we know it, and things from various other realities, They come from our minds, and scare us. Because there has to be fear as well as courage, This means being brave is what gets you killed. That is how Shatter was born. The Non-existent Entity from the writers mind. He comes forward, Rips your mind You Shatter. Your fragments fly around the room. He shapes your fragments into a creature like him. A creature, That can only come out of someone's mind. You can kill your family, friends, and feel no guilt. Shatter comes in the form of a masked man, bearing a monstrous crack through his body. He comes bringing the dusk every day. His name is Shatter. And so are you. Your eyes disappear, bearing a mask, And have an unstoppable hunger for human organs. Or, Your skin goes white, A grin is cut on your face, taking a knife with you wherever you go.

You see,

Shatter has control over everyone. Innocents were shattered and re-formed as deathly beings known as creepypastas.

Might wanna be careful that your parents don't get re-formed. Have a nice sleep.

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