Darkness Forever

Where am I?

I hear voices.

But I can’t see anyone.

It’s very dark here.

I don’t know where I am going.

I follow the voices.

But I still can’t see anything or anyone

It’s very dark here.

I’m I in a forest?

The city?


Or am I about to die?

I can only hear people.

Is someone playing a prank on me?

I thought I heard doctors.

They sounded sad.

They sounded worried.

I could have sworn I heard my sister.

Where am I?

Wait… Is that birds I am hearing?

I can hear a river from a distance.

Should I go there?

Damn. It’s really dark here.

What this I am feeling?

Is it… A tree?

Oh God…

Where am I?!



I’m scared.

I need help.

Is this some joke?!


My eyes…

They are open.

Am I…


Author's NoteEdit

I feel like this is my weakest Pasta. I was very bored. I understand the your vote.

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