State 1 Edit

We walk the streets through black soil, My own army, truly loyal.

Days of old are pass the clock, As we march through the block.

My enemies stomped in sharp pain, Blackness in the fresh cool rain.

Bloodshed does not concern me, Swimming through blood is my perfect sea.

Fungus makes such great delight, Such as we'll eat to fill tonight.

Slow boned snappers with hard shells, Kidnaps children, oh do tell!

My enemy comes cloaked in red, This he will be finally dead!

Fire, fire, burning red, Screams in pain, stopped with dread.

My army has finally won, Lifting weights pass a ton.

The world is now mine, Mario lost in due time!

State 2 Edit

Lost in eternity I can't see, Why I lose in infinity.

Now I break free of my cell, Now I will raise infinite hell.

Dragons angered, Fishes freezed, Evil lurking within the trees.

I trained hard and now I'll bid, That today I'll kill that kid.

His bones will carve the streets, Or make shields for falling sleet.

His blood will make fine wine, Fresh from the blood of the pine.

Draped in Green, Red and Blue, My darkness will power through.

Here he is with the gold, This battle will be cold.

I have destroyed the sacred sword, The hero I have floored.

This kingdom I now rule, Now forever I own Hyrule!

State 3 Edit

The 2 kings once have met, Power in hand placed a bet.

Who will rule both true lands, Who will die in time's sands?

Fire burned all men oh, Shadows binded within crows.

Castles fell, blood drowned all, All men soon will fall.

The black king has stabbed the other, Both kings were just like brothers.

Both are tired, injured, weak, Until one decided to speak.

"Oh thy opponent, thy so strong! but your rights are truly wrong,"

The other breathed fire into the man, Enough heat to melt the land.

Skin burned, tissue fades, Blood sets the earth for future days.

As the black king burn in pain, His sword stabs the other; the speed of a train.

Both have fell, no more kings. Not even the black birds sing.

Not long later, the bones rise, Vengence proves the world shall die.

Ganon and Bowser thinks the world can't, So they sing the Dead Man's Chant!


Bowser & Army


Ganon & Army

  Created by: AnimalInMe
  Posted by: SoloSand

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