Death Wish RitualEdit

Everyone has their nemesis. We all hate certain people, could be your boss or even one of your friends. We have grudges against them. Some want to hurt their nemesis and some just complain about it. People dont want to kill because it brings problems into their lives. There is a way to kill someone you hate without having to feel a grudge.

First you must take a picture of your nemesis. It must be clear and visible even far away. Use a writing tool and make a circle around the picture (drawing around the picture in a table is the best way to do this). After drawing the circle, you must leave the room. 

You then must go to your nemesis and get a handful amount of blood from your nemesis. This is the hardest part of the ritual as many will get caught and put to jail or some even fail. Once you are succesful of getting the blood, Take the blood and lay it over to the picture of your nemesis. Then say these words: "Dying of the hated". The ritual has begun.

The ritual works if you cannot sleep. The ritual works if you cannot eat. The ritual works if you cannot think about your nemesis at all. You will be speechless, tired and confused for 2 days. After 2 days you must come back to the room you started the ritual from. Once the time is 12:00 PM, you must then write in a piece of paper in top of the picture with the written words saying: "Death Wish".

Your nemesis will start feeling the same as you did in 2 days. They will be speechless, tired and confused for 2 days. Then your nemesis will commit suicide. Now your nemesis is dead. You will feel grudge after a few or massive amounts of days. You will be depressed. To stop this grudge you must commit a small ritual.

Happiness RitualEdit

This ritual is short and there is no problems that will come over to stop you when doing this. You must have commited the Death Wish Ritual to do this. Go to the same room with the same combination of tools and items that you used for the Death Wish Ritual. Take your own blood and lay it in top of your nemesis dried blood. You must say these words: "Happiness of the love". The ritual has begun.

You will recieve honest and great happiness for 2 days. You will not face problems and stress cannot exist within this time. Your relationship will extend far more than normal days and you will recieve luck throughout these 2 days. Fear will not overcome you and you will overcome fear. Once 2 days are over, these events will happen.

You will die of a heartattack. You cannot stop it. You wont even expect it. This is the full Death Wish Ritual.

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