3:25 pm. It was nearing winter, and I was getting desperate to regain nostalgia. I had gotten out the SNES in the far back of the closet in my room, yet all the games I had either sucked or were games that just weren't giving me nostalgia. Since winter was turning the corner, I knew most of the decent game shops were going to close. So, I chose to go to Gamestop. A long shot, I know. What are the odds that there would be a SNES cartridge in Gamestop? But what other choice did I have?

I opened the front door to Gamestop. All of the modern games made all of the shelfs chock full. I looked around every corner, but to no avail. Finally, the end of my search was closing in. I had finally given up. Just as I was about to leave, something spotted my eye.

A shelf with 5 classic SNES cartridges! I quietly shrieked in glee, and ran over to it. The games were Mario All-Stars, Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Kirby, and one that almost looked like it was made of copper. It had a strip of tape on it. On it was a sentence written in pen saying "Don't sell at stores! developer's use only" with no period. In the corner of the cartridge was a trademark. It's date was 1990, hinting at it being a test cartridge.

I probably should've brought it back, but lets be serious. Who's gonna pass up an oppertunity like this? So, I left $5 on the desk and left the store.

I popped the cartridge into the SNES and started it up. It started up with a screen that had a total of 5 game options. There was Mega Man, Mario World, Yoshi's Island, super Metroid, and Action 52, the crap of all games, which was planned for the snes before being cancelled. First, i went with action 52 to see if it improved at all. And suprisingly, it did! It was a fully-fledged game. It started out with a new intro. It said the following.

"A long time ago, before water, fire, and others, which are actually sub-elements, there were 4 elements; Goo, thought, light and shadows. Each one of these became the Cheetamen, and they awakened when the world was being invaded by robots. And now... the Cheetahmen.".

The game started with a character select screen. There was Goo, Thought, Light and Shadow (not the hedgehog), but i could only chose Goo. So, I started the game.

everything was wrong.

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