It was a long night, really long night. I was going on my way to a party, usually to converse and talk about shit. It was fun, nothing special. But this girl, her friends called her Diamond, and she offered me a lift in her rented Limo. I felt a lust for her, she was nice. She was pretty, I loved her.

She seemed like a nice person. You see I have a problem with my sexuality. I just wanted to make love to her in that car right then. But I didn't, because I was decent. I buttoned up my beige jacket and put on my black tie. She sat there, putting on her makeup. I could feel a sad bit of emotion out of her. Like she was sad, I looked more closely and found her smile. Wow, that cocktail smile.

I rolled down the window, it was mild. Traffic ran through the streets crazy. She smiled that cocktail smile, as she didn't want to be known. She was incognito. She wanted to see the boys. She looked at her wrist to clock the passing time. I can't believe she went down a third time. I got out of the Limo when we reached the destination. I smiled walking in, the lights were dim. But she shined, she shined on.

When I got into the parlor, she slipped on Cola. Sad... I felt bad for her and picked her up. The music sounded Low-Voltage. Diamond stuck out with a pose, then the cake was rolled out. I wanted a slice, The thing was half-baked and up came a girl. She came off the cake, and started to make out with me. I pulled her off, and Diamond picked up her glass, splashed it on me. Cheers! She ran off crying.

She ran up the stairs, 'WAIT! Everyone talked about Diamond's Fashion.

"'The Dress was cut so low..."

"What about those rings?" I ran up the stairs after her, I busted into the door.

I was speechless, she used her belt to hang herself from the ceiling chandelier. I looked up at her, I just wanted to scream. I couldn't, then everyone came up. They all screamed for me, she used her lipstick to draw a smile onto her face. She couldn't do it herself. I then fell down, crying. And that was that...Afterwards, everyone talked about Diamond. It was just her fashion. People are fucking pests, I ran out.

And they all said, "I remember her low-cut dress."

Well I remember her smile. That smile would haunt me forever. I hope it never happens again to any other woman, just remember. Diamond's Smile.

Dublinjd (talk)

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