well i know this aint much but he is after me no not the person who u see up on the screen no no no its way worse im not sure that u know much about the game diciples II but I bought a possesd copy aperintly a lot of strange things happened I

always love the undead campain in this series well after a few days somthing happend i notice when i was walking to the highschoole the sky became blacker and the houses was more decreped like a nuke came of  the scean so i decided to head back home and well this is where shit hit the fan i knew to well im gonna need a wepon so i grabed a knife and a cleaver and some tape i went upstaires with knife and cleaver in hand my

little brothers became undead fighters and their the most basic mpc in the gam eafter that my parents became

the soul piersing glare

zombies in regret i killed my parents and lil brothers after that i went to the woods with wepons and tape also i got a stick and made a homemade pike for more effective killing well im losing my insanity

i swear I feel the demons watching me as i encounterd the highrise of crack addicts as if beserkers with cultests were found the molock however was found running through the street is this the apocolyps after words he came the undead hero the death knight its glare pierced my soul like how a thorn can cut skin he came towards me and says you cant cheat mortis out of this one and the death mpc came out of no were and I saw a skull that brought a pestilence breathe down on the ground and he had a laugh of creepy porportions the demonic ppl were fleeing and screaming in agony and as soon as I looked

I  was being torn apart from the inside after that the death knight had remorse actuly he killed me more quicly then i realisedmy last look it was the spiret of agony then i had to leave i ran back home and barekaded the doors but i cant cheat death so goodbye agggghhhhhhhhh mortis shall prevail

this is my horror episode of disipels II hope u like it

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