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This pasta is on Creepypasta wiki as well as SOG. This is my OC so please do not accuse me of stealing

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The PastaEdit

It was January of 2000.  I was a huge fan of the Quake series.  I had tons of mods for Quake and Quake 2.  However, Quake 3 Arena just recently launched and there weren't tons of mods (there were plenty however).  My favorite character was Ranger due to me being a Quakeworld veteran.  I probably dislike Quake 3 Arena the most out of all of them however, due to the lack of a story and an odd experience I had with the game.

I was trying to find a server on the master server list.  It was kind of a cool feature at the time.  Before that we had to type in the I.P. of the server to an address book.  I saw one particular server called "Doom 3 Arena".  I was curious because it seemed like a Doom mod for Q3A.  It was almost full with 15 players out of 16 player slots.  It had rather low ping of about 10ms (I had a T1 line just to play Quake 2 online well).  I joined the server. 
Doom 3

What I saw was pretty damn cool.  I had the classic Doom HUD and weapons. We were in the legendary Hangar level and all the players had the classic Doomguy sprites as their character models.  Quake 3 Arena, however, doesn't support downloading mods from a server which I found odd. However, I was compelled to play on this server almost every time I played Q3A.  It always had 15 other players which I fould stange but didn't really mind.  I started replaying the Doom games then I stopped after realizing how dated they were and felt unplayable after the Quake games.

One day I felt like playing a different server.  I tried joining.  Strangely enough, It took me to Doom 3 Arena.  In the chat all the players asked my why had I left. They tried circling around me.  I called them nutjobs and left the server.  I thought they hacked my game so I uninstalled and reinstalled it.  I was in the mood for single-player after that.

I booted up the game and loaded up single-player.  Instead of Crash giving me a tutorial, there was Doom (the built-in character model, not the sprite) on the Hanger level.  Just for the hell of it I started it up.

Doom appearing to be holding John Carmack by the neck.  Doom shot him twice with a shotgun and blew him to gibs, not hyper-realistic or anything, just the default gibs.  In chat Doom says "Why did you forget me?"

I leave the game and try to go to the desktop, then my hard drive crashes.

Years from now I now have finally got RAGE.  I swear though I think I still see Doom.  I also get weird Steam messages from this guy with a Doom avatar like "Do you miss me?" or "Am I forgotten?"  Also my wallpaper recently changed to a sprite of Doomguy's head without me knowing. May be just a hacker.

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