Dr. Ivo Robotnik AKA Dr. Eggman who we all know loses to Sonic the Hedgehog time after time, again and again, no matter what happens he always loses, but what if he was purposely losing to Sonic? Yeah you heard right, see this goes all the way from the Adventure Series onwards until Sonic Generation, because he was purposely losing all this time. This is proven by the fact that at the end of Sonic Generations classic and modern versions of Eggman were arguing in the white space when classic Eggman ask modern Eggman “Do we ever win?” Modern Eggman replies “No.” Which means when modern and classic Eggman escaped white space, classic Eggman went off into the adventure series events he had been secretly sabotaging all his plans to make sure that the events of Sonic Generations would happen until the game had ended and he escaped as modern Eggman, after telling his past self no to ensure that all the events happen in turn to that point and his plans failing now aren't his doing.

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