Dreams -)

I love u guys so much  dreams are so amazing you know its its what keeps insanity and your mind at peace and ease you wouldn't have anything to worry about but in your dreams are your best fantasies what you wanted out of life love, hatred, desires,adventure, you name it!

In your hands to have with no one take it away! Customize your own hair,play as your own character (anything there's no rules to this!)

From your game, to even from your anime dreams you have the best time with friends battle and even when the going gets tough u always u always persevere  through it with flying color because  you know  you know! you're going to win because it your's your dream to do what whatever you want even your world it is amazing but we don't have control of it all the time yet we still try to take control of it.

All the time yet we still try to take control of it (aside from the other subjects about the brain) we will still try to block out our world  like an injured puppy trying heal it’s body but have  never mended its heart fully it’'s kinda sad very we wait  and get down on yourselves then Dream about the events to that pending situation but I think why trying to much to have a life like  that it's okay to fantasize about living in a fantasy can just change us.. these things looking  

"Forward for the future" you know the best motto to a single person it just something to keep us going.We strive on hope, but then again we don't even make that hope for the people we love you.

I know It's not like being in the dream world is, boring, and you can't have what you had in the dream your limited then we space out when we get robbed,stabbed or even raped and  blaming the world on what made these people do what they did because of the world they use to be like us  have everything we did but they started living the fantasy and that when  life started coming back at them it killed them inside  and made them what they are today  even though  we didn't know them  in  our  life all we knew is that they could dream yet we  took it away from them society  has  been dead  mankind  died years ago  nothing we can do  about this has been said many times but do we even try?

I'd have to say yes but that would be a lie  and i will not lie to u  about the flowers of the violets yes some people do  try  but not all and then we say this is one humanity comes too I give up on the world  it's not worth it…Really? It's not worth it? It's not worth saving your friends, family, even your DREAMS?! You'll just be  throwing  it all away like it was garbage and say “Hey I'm done,kill me now  you have already lost sight in your heart in what you had before...”

Dreaming sequeance

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