Me and My brothers were playing Skylanders Trap Team on our Wii. We had completed Chapters 1 through 7, and were about to defeat one of the hardest Skylander Villains, Dream Catcher.

Dream Catcher can steal dreams from people and use the information in the dream to rule the world. She is the head to The Doom Raiders, along with Golden Queen, Chef Pepper Jack, Gulper, Wolfgang, Chompy Mage, Dr. Krakencase, Luminous, and Night Shade. We were at the last stage of defeating Dream Catcher when the screen froze. The character didn't animate, nor did Dream Catcher, and it made a high-pitched whine noise.

Almost like the Buried Alive noise in old Pokemon games.

We turned the game off, and the noise stopped.

2 days later.

Time for take 2 of defeating Dream Catcher. We put the disc in, and instantly we get a message. The message is from a Mii "~2{0.k~" that says "I WïlL fìñD Ÿœû◼!∆ -068114101097109032067097084099104101114046101120101"The message appeared to be hacked, with a crazy code at the end. I ran it through a lot of codes, and it appeared to be in ASCII code spelling "Dream Catcher.exe"



Dream Catcher? I gotta take a picture of this.

And I did.

We ignored the message and all thought it was a prank, and continued on with defeating Dream Catcher. When we went on the game, we weren't in The Academy For Skylanders, we were in a fiery place that I never ever had seen before. The First thing I saw was Dream Catcher. She told us to do a series of puzzles, and that's exactly what we did.


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