A little over a few years ago, there was a product that was released to the public that could allow you to see your own dreams. Ask anybody about it though, they will think you're either crazy, or have no idea what you are talking about. That's because all instances of "Dreamvision" have been removed from the face of the internet, and all units have been recalled. The reason why, was not some health hazard or safety hazard or anything.

It was the madness that lurked within our minds.

There was a whole website and forum dedicated to the "Dreamvision" product. It allowed you to see EVERY single bit of your dreams, even the dreams you forget when you wake up in the morning. Basically, it works like this:

Before you go to sleep, you put on a headband with the built in "Dreamvision" device. While you sleep, the device in the headband records your dreams. When you wake up, you can view your dream by plugging the "Dreamvision" device in your computer via USB, then the device converts your dream into any type of video file.

When the product was first released, people were ecstatic. Quoting that this was "a huge advancement in technology." Forums were buzzing about it, and the users couldn't wait to try out the product.

That's when it began.

The first night could only be described as "weird" and "somewhat relaxing." Users reported strange dreams, colors not known to our world, swirling, and dancing across their computer screens. Users said it was like an "alternate reality."

The second night was more disturbing.

Users were uneasy, reporting that their dreams were eerie and unnatural. Colors varied, but colors reported by different users were dark green, black, dark red, dark orange, grey, etc. Also, a few users reported a low humming tone could be heard.

The third night, was scary, horrifying, and vomit inducing.

Results varied, but, violent screams could be heard throughout the dreams by some users. Other users said that there was a moan that sounded like someone was in pain, others reported a maniacal laugh. Disturbing, swirling images were reported. A couple of users said that they could make out a pair of eyes watching them. Some people commited suicide after watching their dreams.

Eventually, Dreamvision had to recall their product. They erased any trace, any sentence, any word, off the internet. However, nothing on the internet is PERMANENTLY deleted, there are still videos of various users dreams floating around out there. If you do happen to get your hands on one, watch at your own risk. But always remember one thing:

We will always have madness kept inside of us.

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