I was finally taking my family out to dinner. It was a nice private room with our meals already put out buffet style. "Eat on up! My treat!", I said, as I started chowing down on the meat. It was so delicious, that none of us even spoke throughout the meal.

I went to get more meat as I burped and it tasted disgusting, I always get the worst reflux. I filled my plate with more of the delicious protein. As I continued chowing down, the waiter came in and said, "Mr. Lewis, is your special order sufficient?". "Yes, Robbie, it is. Thank you.", I replied. He nodded, closed the door and walked away from the room.

We were having so much fun as a family, enjoying the wondrous food. I was, admittedly, kinda hogging the food, but I'm sure they didn't mind. I was, after all, the one who paid for this all. We ate for another hour and a half until the buffet was completely empty.

"Ahh, that was fantastic!", I said, with a full stomach. I suddenly felt a huge pain in my rectum, and I suddenly had to use the bathroom desperately. "Excuse me, guys I h have to use the bathroom.", I said, as I left the room.

I rushed into the bathroom, into the stall, sat down on the seat and pushed. "Well, it was nice seeing you guys again.", I said, as I continued to expel them from my body.

MonkeyLazR (talk)

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