The Emergency Alert System has been activated by the request of the US Department of Defense.

This is a national emergency.

This is not a test.

Reports of domestic terrorism and random acts of violence are sweeping the nation the nation.

The terrorists have been reported to as murdering people without cause.

In order to combat this threat, citizens are advised to seek shelter immediately.

Lock all doors and windows, close all blinds and curtains, turn off all lights, arm yourself, and isolate yourself from any and all individuals.

Should anyone enter your home, avoid them unless needed. Should you need to defend yourself, attack the kneecaps or eyes in an attempt to incapacitate the intruder.

If your home is surrounded by the terrorists, it has been reported in several cases that they are afraid of fire, and catch easily.

The terrorists have been recorded surrounding cemeteries, and heavily populated areas.

Please stay tuned for further messages.

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