In the dark land of Alenore

Lied a Palace all men deplore

Many a man had tried in vain

To traverse the Palace of Pain

Death and Torture a sure fate

By the creatures comprised of hate

Five Monsters stalks its halls

With whispers of victims in the walls

They shall stalk you, fear without measure

To guard the damned madman’s treasure

But for a thrill seeker, or mad dissenter

All I must say to you is “enter”

We start with the Bearer

Curse thy hideous and foul chain

Dragging you to the depths to eternal pain

He has no eyes but his smell precise

The odds of evasion are almost no dice

With an elongated head and skeletal back

You shall be frozen if he chooses to attack

If you happen to avoid his sense

Keep calm, carry on and hence

Four More Creatures to go…

Next to fight in the ring of peril

Is the Eye of the beheaded Herald

His Banner is that of Satan

Despicable and vile

Cursed to endure the eternal flame

Like him, he rebelled against the ruler

And after was thrust into fame

Or as I may say, infamy

He shall watch you day and night

Regardless of strength, equipment or height

And once he believes the time is right

He shall devour you

And get out of sight…

Next is the Deceiver,

Living within the catacombs

Where the ghouls and rotting zombies roam

Dressed up as your biggest desire,

Whether treasure or love

He shall lure you in as you have have enough

Once tricked, he shall tear you apart

But you must admit

It was rigged from the start

The only intelligent way to save your life

Is to roam the catacombs closing one’s eyes

Lets hope you do not fall to your demise…

Next, the unknown and mysterious Black

Do not ever dare to turn your back

As when you do, his wrath shall be unfurled

He does not want you here, in his world

With a cloak covering him and a scythe in thy hand

He defeats even the most courageous band

But Once the Elder Realm has been traversed

One more darkling to get undo the curse…

Finally, we end with the King

With no banner or songs to sing

A sword in hand and a four headed horse

Descended from malice and lack of remorse

He stands still, atop his foul steed

With the names war, peril, ignorance, greed

Shoot a black arrow into his chest

Three hits and thy King forever rest

For good this time, no reanimation

No resuscitation or salvation

Once he is gone, the unholy black crown is yours

But present a catch for who on it shall be worn

With power, comes corruption

With corruption comes madness

With madness comes peril

With peril comes sadness

Once it consumes thee, the gain is reversed

The successor crowned, the new bearer of curse

And once curse is cast, your youth is over

All you can say now is…


argoehS liaH esuac ym ot detanirtcodni snwap eroM (read backwards)

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