February 26th

I don't even know why I'm writing this down. It seems useless to do this the more I think about. I guess I can save it on here for some journal of my life or something.

    Anyways, I live in a small border town, and it's rare for anything "exciting" to happen to anyone here. The only joy most, not all but most, people get a thrill out of here are either, drugs, parties, or sex. Not for me though. I'd always used sleep to escape boredom. It seems stupid I know, but who doesn't love to go into the dreams-cape of the mind? At least from how I see it. It's been at least a decade or two since I had a nightmare though, nothing satanic or some shit. Just a simple jump-scare of a scream or something. However, there was this one reacquiring dream where I can remember one scene distinctively. It would always have my sub-conscious walk up to what looked like an abandoned 1940s theater we have here, along with my entire town looking desolate. The sky would seem like a bunch of rain clouds crowding up the sky, or just change to a dark and empty background, along with some laughter or cheers from a nearby crowd echo. Obviously from the theater. I would enter the front double doors of the building to already be in the pathways to enter the seats. Passing through the isles, I always seem to get a seat near the stage to see the exact same person over and over again preforming.

It was a magician. A woman. Age of...twenty-five maybe (at least from what I can guess). Her hair was dark, long, and straight. She wore a black cloak, a dark red shirt with a normal red tie to match, black boots, white gloves, a screw affixed to the right corner of her head (which I never figured out why she had that in the first place), and as you would expect, a magician's hat, with a poker card affixed to it. The six of hearts to be exact. I believe her name is Ticket Master. What was odd though, were her eyes. One eye seemed as though it belonged to a dead man, being a faded blue-to-white color, with the iris being almost gray and blood shot. While the other eye looked, well, fake. You know, like a glass eye. It wasn't really the normal color it should be, the iris looked fine really, but the eye color was red, the pupil being in full view with black rings surrounding the small dot. Resembling an optical illusion, I guess? Being a toddler when this dream occurred, I never thought of her appearance being, "Creepy", or, "Abnormal" in any type of way. Anyways, at least five minutes into her performance, I'd always get up and move to another dream by going to the exit door nearby, I'd always stop, just to look back at the audience.  I noticed that they didn't have any eyes. Full faces, yes, just missing all types of eye features.

By now, it feels like I'm going to be rambling about this childhood dream for no reason. Well, I'll set it on the table now by saying, I had that dream again. Everything was how it should be for the beginning. Abandoned theater, laughter, magician woman, etc. I'd expected this part of the dream to be as it always ended, me getting up, leaving, and moving onto a new imagination in my head. Not so. After the five minutes, my conscience didn't want to get up this time. Just then, Ticket Master yelled in a tone of a ring leader, announcing a new act, loud and proud. "Now for my next trick, I'll be needing a volunteer from the lovely audience~!" I heard cheers of names and people yelling out, "ME!", echoing off the walls, but that was when I turned my head around. I didn't see anyone's hand up. They were just sitting there, not moving an inch. With grins on their faces. "How about you sir?" I turned my head back around to the stage and saw Ticket Master, hands behind her back, and looking at me with an expression of comfort. I got up and started to walk to the stage, the woman swiftly got behind me and I was pushed to a wooden chair that suddenly appeared on the stage. She sat me down and before I knew it, I was strapped down from my writs, ankles,and forehead with rope.

    The Ticket master then walked to my left, and I kind of freaked out about what I saw next. The crowd of people in the isles, they just vanished. Yet, she was still acting like someone besides me was there, watching her preform. "Now let's begin, shall we?" At that point, the surroundings were deteriorating into darkness, in the style of an old projector presentation being burnt. The woman looked at me and gave a large smirk, the glass eye starting to slowly glow its shade of red. She brought her right hand to my chest and just said, "relax." I then saw something moving and wiggling in her sleeve to reveal itself to me. It was a snake. God, I fucking hate snakes. This was the point where I was shaking, hoping to wake up any second now. I cringed when I felt the scales of the creature slither up my chest, it's rough skin dragging my shirt's fabric, only for it to wrap itself around my neck like a scarf. Then another one came. Then another. Until there were at least 4 on me. Slowly slithering around my body. I cried, I wanted this to stop. That damn magician started to chuckle a bit. "Your crying makes you look weak. Although,it is amusing. Wouldn't you agree?" . The snake around my neck bit me. I felt it's fangs sinking in deeper and deeper into my flesh. I screamed out of pain. I knew this was a dream, but the pain... It felt so real...Then, it suddenly stopped. That was when I finally I woke up. Cold sweat was running down my forehead and I darted up as fast as a bullet. I looked at the time. 4:30 am. It took me at least two hours to finally fall back into the rest of the slumber I had after that. Now, the dream keeps coming back to the front of my mind.


March 26th

It's now been a month since the nightmare occurred. I remember it now because some of my friends and I decided to go and hang out down town. I didn't have anything else to do so I thought, "Why not?" What made me remember the dream again, however, was that I swear, I kept seeing the silhouette of the Ticket Master whenever I'd pass by an ally-way or at the edge of a sidewalk or street. Always getting closer...and closer. That was until I got home. I opened and closed the front door and at the left corner of my eye, I saw her face, a few feet away from mine. Just standing there. I jumped out of fear and looked in that direction...but nothing was there...

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, I should get some sleep. That should calm me down for now. I hope.


April 13th

    I feel like I'm in hell now. I haven't been able to sleep right. There has been nights when I don't even close my eyes (yes, I do blink) and when I do fall asleep, I wake up in the morning with cuts on my wrists and sometimes bruises on my arms. Once, hand-marks on my neck. I've talked to my doctor about this, not the dream or Ticket Master he would have thought I was insane, but the waking-up-to-the-wounds and the no sleep thing. He just thinks I have sleep deprivation, and I hurt myself if I do go into slumber is because of a sleep disorder. He's been prescribing me pills to help but they don't do shit. That damn Ticket Master thing has been following me everywhere I go now. At school I see her reflection coming from the monitor of my computer in homeroom. When I'm with friends, she just stands there and tries to blend into the crowd or corners and then disappears the next second. When I was washing my hands in the bathroom, she spontaneously appeared behind me in the mirror, then when I turned to double check, she was gone. She's everywhere! Just staring at me with a smile or with a menacing glare. Her face, I can't get it out of my head!


May 25th

    I'm on my bed. I woke up to the floor repeatedly creaking. Yes, I know that houses make noises but this sounds like... like someone is just roaming around...

Wait...did....did it just stop?, it got louder now...shit... It's just outside my door now! You know what. That's it! I have to get this over with!


Nothing was there, thank god. If there was a robber or something, I would have knocked it out with my aluminum bat...hold on...wh-why does it feel like the foot of the bed is slowly sinking? Like...Like if someone's sitting on it? I gotta get some damn sleep. This day has been long enough for me already, I need to get my mind off of that damn magician entity. She's not real. Dammit she's not real and she can't hurt me! I'm just being paranoid! Just forget it! FORGET DAMMIT! FORGET!


June 27th

    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! I just got home from work and everything was wrecked! I checked the kitchen and the pots and pans were on the floor. I go to my living room, all of my pictures that I have are smashed and torn apart. The surface of my home was wet from the dishes, and I...I found a note in the drawer where I have my knives at... It..It said, "Having fun yet?"

"What the hell!?" I said under my breath. I wish I can get rid of this "thing", but this Ticket Master lives in my head. She does live in my head, right? Damn it I can't find a way out of this situation now! God, what the hell did I do to deserve this!? What the fuck am I going to do!?


June 28th

What is entertainment?

Is it just a method of enjoyment mankind uses to escape from the useless things that are really in the world?

What if the things like drugs, games, sex, all of that stuff, never existed?

What would man be without these type of things? Especially now?

Where would the fun be in anything?

What would be the purpose in life?

I've stopped sleeping for a week now. This whole thing has been going on for too long now..

I don't know what that Ticket Master is wanting to show or trying to tell me. However, if I had to guess...

Anything can be entertaining...

Maybe even torture can be fun. I can see the meaning behind emos and why they cut themselves now. To feel excitement. Maybe that's why murderers love to kill. To have a thrill out of running for their lives, taking away the life out of another human being...

Ticket Master...stalking me...she must find it...amusing doesn't she?...

This isn't fun you damn magician... IT ISN'T FUN...

oh crap...

She's right behind me...I can see her through the monitor... I feel her presence behind me...god my neck hair is standing...

I'm grabbing my phone... I...I'm going to call the cops...

She just said... "What do you think your doing?"


Um... Hi

I'm Blake

    What you just read there was from my friend, Zack (sure hope he won't mind me mentioning his name on here).

Two days ago, we hung out and he didn't look so good. He looked more paranoid and scared, really, now that I look back. Pale, bags under his eyes, hell if I didn't know if it was him I would have assumed he was Dracula or something. Yesterday I decided to go over to his house to hopefully cheer him up, comfort him, something like that. That's when I saw the ambulance and the cops there. I saw the medics carting his body on the gurney into the ambulance car to then zoom off to the nearest hospital. "What the hell happened here?!" was the first thing I thought. 

    Today, I went to visit him. That was about 2 hours ago at least. His body was twitching a bit while he was laying down in bed, and seemed to have zoned out. He even jumped when I touched his shoulder to see if he can come back to, whatever world of thought he was in. We talked for a while until I finally had the balls to ask him ,"What happened to you yesterday?" Zack's expression grew grim and mortified and he started to twitch again. His heart monitor started going off with loud beeping noises, alerting the doctors and nurses, which then lead to me being escorted out so they can treat him.

    So I decided to drive to his house and, despite the "DO NOT CROSS" investigation signs around the place, I went inside anyways (thank god the front door was wide open). As soon as I went into his house, his living room and kitchen were wrecked. Wet floor, some knives on the kitchen counter, glass, etc. I first thought a robber did this and Zack was just trying to fight him or her off before they could run. That's when I walked to his room. I opened the door, and his bed sheets are on the floor, with some of the fabric being torn off. The mirror being cracked and some nail marks on the floor, obviously someone was being dragged (seeing these updates, I might know who that would be). It looked like something you'd normally see in a murder scene, just without the blood. Then, I found his laptop under the bed, the light from the monitor, still shining. I pulled it out, and there was something that seemed...creepy. His Microsoft Word program was open, and there was a simple text under all of these updates (which I decided to get rid of the original text). It read in some unnerving font I never seen before. It said:

"Zack is gone. If anyone finds this,

 Now you're my entertainment."

Zack is in the hospital, possibly in a mental institution by now. All because of something or someone. I have to get rid of it for good. I'll try to post this on the internet to see if anyone else can help me figure this out. I need to know more about this...this "Ticket Mas̖̦̜̪͎̯t̻̙̳e̺̹̙̞̫r̨.͓̯̝"̧̦̹

W̳͡ŕ̪͎̣̖̻̳̗o͍̜n̺̥̺g̳̫͎̕ ̸̪͉̘̱̻C͖̦̥̼͚̩a̭̣̳̪̺ͅl͚͙͖͈ͅl̢̺̭͎͍̣̲ ̙B̗̝͇l̠̻͍͔a͖̝̮͚̩̩ͅk͚̫͈͝e̥.̜̤̰͝.͇͇̣.̜͎̜̳͉͔Ẉ̪͖r̺͉̗̮͞o̴̪̦͇̣̖̹̯ṉģ͖̙̤̰̘͙ ҉̖͙̬͓̟ͅc̖̻͕̕a̞͓̟͇͡l̹͕̥̯͡ĺ̜͓̲̥ͅ

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