I can't wait any longer....

I'm eternall hungry....

The feeling is getting stronger.

The taste! The flavor!

Oh god, the withdrawl hurts...

From you, I need a favor...

Would you allow me to borrow some flesh?

Just a little taste,

blood, and bone and meat to mesh...

How many did I kill?

I just need enough,

just enough to be able to fufill.

Come on, a little bit?

I mean, I'll kill you softly.

Don't you want to admit?

To finally be free?

Like from suffering...

After all life isn't all just whimsey...

Hey at least you won't turn,

like me.

Don't walk away, to suffer and burn.

Oh, now I see.

Perhaps, just perhaps,

you do want to be like me.

Yes, yes, now it makes sense.

I was in disbeilief,

under false pretense.

Ok, this'll hurt for a while,

now just show me your neck,

and smile....

*Snick* Edit

From now on, you'll need to hunt,

for blood and food.

Let me put this all blunt.

You're eternally hungry...

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