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Ethan's appearance Edit

Ethan's eyes are a dark black and a dark blue, he has black on to sneak through the night. he wears a black cap because he got it for his birthday, which he won't celebrate again. And he always carries a machete, he loves the weapon because he thinks its "more effective" than normal weapons.

Backstory Edit

Ethan was a very calm, collected, and lazy child, almost always on his PC, and he would always be pissed when his mother took his privileges away. Ethan would always say scary things when his Mom is not around. Saying stuff about murder and insanity, but his mother just found him delusional. Ethan began behaving strangely, watching grim and morbid things on the internet and TV, and his eyes began to change darker, his mother brought him to a mental hospital but they found nothing wrong with him. Yet. Ethan went to his friend's house one evening, he was just sitting in the corner, motionless, sleeping, his friend tried to wake him up, but Ethan grabbed his friend and thrusted him through the wall in a random rage, his mother came and got him and locked him in his room at home as punishment, but in just 5 minutes, Ethan chopped his way out of his room while his mother was in the bathroom, and he escaped it, his mother saw what happened and she just got angrier and thought to fix it in the morning, she went to bed later but around 10 PM, his mother was sleeping on the couch, and when she woke up, Ethan was standing next to her, with his father's bronze machete in his hand. He stabbed his mother right through the head and she died. Ethan's eyes turned to a dark black and blue and whenever he smiled, it looked twisted and demented. He took a match and gasoline from his garage, spread it around it and the house, and set fire to his mother's house, then he disappeared, after he disappeared, so did his father, then his sister. He was brought to the police station for questions, but he grabbed his machete/knife, stabbed all 3 officers, broke out of the station and disappeared from his town area in Virginia.

Incidents Edit

The oldest incident,Ethan was walking through a playground, Ethan said he heard a cackle in his head, his own, he saw a kid and brought him into the teachers lounge in the school, it was empty and slaughtered the younger kid there. The police were made aware and investigated, but found no such things relating to Ethan, so he wasn't able to be put in the news.

Ethan has murdered a total of 6-9 people, counting the families, and has been seen in forest-y and dark areas.

The most recent incident, Ethan was walking through a street, he was searching for his next victim, he is somewhat proud with what he has accomplished and continues to do it every single day, he saw a 23 year old man standing on edge of the road, he ran up to the man and stabbed him through the stomach, then threw a match through the stab wound and set the man on fire.

Ethan's mind was broken, he began hearing voices, he never saw his family, he always wandered.

Usually he's seen in hiding or in forest areas..


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