Evelyn, I loved this girl – with all my heart and soul. She meant everything to me; as much as I hate to admit it, I sometimes wish I agreed with her ways just so we could still be together. No, the thought of that chills me to the bones. She was sick and twisted and she tricked me into loving her, and I can never forgive her for that so long as she is still out there.

This is for anyone who was in my position, anyone who finds the love of their life who is more than they bargained for.

It all started about a year back, on my 18th birthday. Out of my group of friends I was the youngest, so for my party we all went to the pub, got completely smashed and started doing things we probably wouldn’t normally do, in other words; we made mistakes but we learnt from them.

We were sat at a table in the corner of the Pub, secluded some might say which was completely intentional however not by our choice – the bartender saw us pretty drunken and asked us to move seats away from the other customers or leave; this however gave me a perfect angle on the lonely girl sitting at the Bar all alone, my eyes were fixated on her and I saw the definition of perfection, she was absolutely gorgeous; I saw other men trying to hit on her and flirt but to no prevail. For what seemed like hours I just couldn’t stop myself from darting my vision over from time to time until one of my friends caught me, and then everyone chipped in like moths to a flame.

“Ey, Dan! You’ve been looking at that lass for a while now, why don’t you go talk to her?”

“Oh damn, you have fine taste”

“Right Dan, tell you what. If you go up to her and get her number the next drink is on me”

I murmured to myself, embarrassed – my social skills were lacking at the time as it was and I wasn’t in the right state of mind to want to talk to anyone that I didn’t know. It was then that Paul, who was sat next to me, pulled me off to the side.

“Man, you have got to speak to her” he said

“I don’t see why I have to, I find someone pretty – doesn’t mean I like her”

“Snap out of it! You’re not a kid anymore, your out of school now; relationships matter out here. If you think at all that someone might be slightly interesting you talk to them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a man, woman or a squirrel for all I care.”

I needed to think for a minute, his words were true but I just didn’t think that I was ready until I looked at her again, with no one around and I saw an opportunity.

“Okay, I’ll do it” I replied, reluctantly

“That’s it lad, go on then, don’t leave her waiting until she has more guys swarming her”

I moved away from the group as Paul sat down with the rest of them, I can imagine only to tell them to look over from time to time and keep an ear open to see how I was doing.

As I moved closer, I saw her Dark Hair flick back as her eyes looked at me, it was intimidating to say the least. Sitting down beside her, I ordered a drink and while it was being prepared initiated a conversation.

“Hey there” Quick and short, should do the trick to start the conversation off till I can think of an Ice Breaker

“Mhm” she grunted

The only thoughts going through my head were if I had said something wrong or if she just didn’t like the look of me; either way I pressed on.

“I saw you from across the room, and you looked lonely. What’s up?”

“Me and my Boyfriend split”

“Oh, right”. Shit. This isn’t good; no wonder she wants to be alone, it must have been a bad break up and that would explain why she wants nothing to do with anyone.

“How, eh, did you two break up exactly? If you don’t mind me asking”

“He thought I was cheating on him because I have a life outside of him – clingy son of a bitch” She gripped her class tighter, you could tell the anger and pain she felt. “But, I don’t know…”

“You still have feelings for him?” I wanted to back out by this point, as much as she looked like everything I ever wanted from a girl she had just broken up with someone; I figured rather than trying to get with her I should at least make an attempt to help her in some way.

“…Yeah” She seemed friendlier now, more open than before. “Why?”

“I figured I could maybe help you get back with him, he might still have feelings for you too”

We engaged in conversation for maybe 20 minutes before things started to change. I bought her a few drinks during that time and she began to become more and more drunken as the night went on. I eventually brought her back to the table full of my friends but because there was barely enough room for us, I offered her the seat on the coach-like area around the table and began to pull up a chair to sit on until she pushed me onto the seat and sat down on me. Paul looked at me and just winked but I was not really the most comfortable with this considering they don’t know that she just got out of a relationship – to them she was just a random girl alone in the bar.

It was midnight at this point and we caused enough trouble for the bartender with the smashing of glasses while telling extravagant stories which were taken way out of proportion and as such he told us to leave. However he stated that the girl could stay but as she was quite attached to me, she left aswell. Her house was not far from mine so I walked her home, probably an extra 10 minutes’ walk I would have guessed. It was at this point that I realised I didn’t even know her name. When we got to her house I asked, shyly.

“I know this may seem awkward, but I never got your name”

“I was wondering when you would ask that” she giggled “Give me a minute”

She darted into her house and came out a minute later with a piece of paper “Here you go”

On the paper was written “Evelyn” and on the underside was her phone number.

“Evelyn? That’s quite a cute name”

“My friends usually call me Eva, just much shorter”

“I noticed on the bottom of this is your phone nu-” She cut me off by putting a finger to my lips and leaned in closer to whisper

“You can thank me later” her silk voice quietly muttered into my ear as she kissed me on the cheek

From this point onwards we talked every single day, we both awoke to get ready for work at 7:30 and it was always a race to see who could text each other first. It was fun – we would meet up bi-weekly, one week at a park bench, the next time in the middle of town. It was random and I loved every minute of it, that was until she asked me something that would change a lot of my life forever.

We met up at a bus stop to get a trip into town where we could have lunch on a Friday afternoon. She was there already and she looked pretty solemn.

“Hey, sorry I’m late”

“It’s fine, I need to talk to you about something”

“Yeah, anything”

“You know how I told you that I broke up with someone the first time we met?”

“Yeah, I remember”

“Well, it didn’t work out as well as I had planned. He has disappeared and I don’t know where he has gone and…” She broke off

“Oh shit. I don’t know what I can do, we can try and file a Police Report for a missing person?”

“I already have but they said they couldn’t find anything but would keep searching”

“Oh god, are you okay?”

“Well” she came closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder “I am while you’re around”

I didn’t say anything, I didn’t have a clue on how to feel. She was being flirtatious at a time like this? I was gobsmacked but just didn’t say anything. Maybe she just needed someone to comfort her and it wasn’t her meaning to come off in that way? I can only imagine that at the time I thought so.

Her ex-boyfriend was never found, but that didn’t seem to phase Evelyn as much as I thought it might do; in the later months we got into a relationship and it was going well. We still continued talking everyday but the meeting up became more and more frequent until she asked if I wanted to move in with her.

Now at this point I was still living with my parents so I jumped at the opportunity to move away from my parents and live with the most important person in my life, it would mean that every waking moment could literally be with her. I was so happy and I moved in as soon as possible. Her house was somewhat average in size and had two bedrooms, one she used for storage but it could be easily turned into a Guest Bedroom; the bathroom was tiny and the kitchen was somewhat cramped but the living space was huge compared to everything else – in the garden she had a shed with tools in but she said not to go in there, when I asked why she said it was because she was afraid of me hurting myself as she almost cut her finger off while doing some DIY around the house.

This happiness and security all began to change around 6 months into our relationship.

She came home from work later than me, even though we woke up at the same time simply because she works full time and I work in shifts most of the time. However each day she came home later and later and each time with more of a smile on her face. She spoke a lot less constantly aswell and went into the Garden right after getting home. This happened about 3 nights in a row until I decided to pretend to be busy and take a look at what she was doing.

She walked in and out of the Shed carrying a small tool, a different one each night for the remaining 4 days of the week – as I never saw her go in and out the shed on the first 3 nights but on the ones that I did see, she carried out: a Hacksaw, a Drill, a Hammer and a Pair of Needle Nose Pliers.

This was strange, she said that she didn’t like the shed or the tools inside yet she can walk in and out with no problems carrying the things she said almost took her finger.

I had no real time to think though as I can only assume she saw me in the window and barged through the door to the landing of the stairwell where I was looking out the window.

“What are you doing?”

Shit, I need time to think of something

“Oh, hi”

Her face turned into a frown and she said more sternly “What, are you doing?”


I looked out the window for a suitable backstory

“Look up there at the stars”

She pushed me out the way to have a look

“What about them?”

“I was just walking up the stairs and I saw… a shape in the stars”

“What exactly was this shape”

“Well it looked like a face and it reminded me of yours”

“I don’t see how stars can remind you of me” 

She was somewhat suspicious now, however I pressed on

“Well, they don’t really look like you – with someone as beautiful as you the stars can only try and compete”

“Aww, I love you baby”

Smooth Recovery. She leaned in to kiss me and I reciprocated, I decided that tomorrow when I got back I would go and look into the Shed to see what there was.

So tomorrow arrived and I went to look in the Shed after a snack and turning on the news for a bit, I lost track of time so when I went it was sunset. Walking up to the shed showed its features in plain sight, it was old, rotting slightly around the sides and the windows were boarded up – however the door was brand new and I could slightly see the hinges were also brand new. The door had no handle so I pulled until I figured out that the door had a mechanism to keep it shut. I needed a way to open it so I went inside to grab a knife and attempt to jam it in the mechanism visible and open the door. It didn’t budge; so I scraped a part off the already rotting wood and tried again and sure enough, it opened - it was pitch black so I darted back inside again to grab a torch, I wanted to be quick as I was not sure when she was going to get back, I wasted more time than I thought I would anyway and she could be back at any time, if she gets back at the normal time, it means that I only have an hour.

The torch illuminated to show the insides of what looked like a brand new shed. The walls were perfection and it had a work surface lined with knives, screwdrivers and anything of the ilk. It was nothing really strange or unordinary, par from the sudden change from falling apart to brand new; I examined everything for a while until friction left my shoe and I slipped on a wet substance that seeped in through the floorboards from underneath. It had a slight orange tint to it however I had no time to check, I heard an engine roaring nearby – it was Evelyn. I raced to the door, knocking a few things over as I passed and shut the door quickly but carefully as to not attract noise. I removed the knife from the mechanism and ran inside, she was in the Kitchen so I couldn’t get inside without it being suspicious therefore I crouched outside on the grass to hope she didn’t see me and then I could quickly get in and play it off as a surprise.

She noticed me almost instantly and opened the door to ask what I was doing, with her growing ever suspicious of me looking through her stuff I needed an answer right now – first thing that comes to my head.

“I was thinking about getting a Dog to be honest”

“Oh yeah? What kind?”

“Not sure, been toying around with a Black Labrador but I don’t know…”

“Oh my god! I love Labradors! Boy or girl?” She exclaimed, with genuine excitement

“Hm, that’s up for you to decide”

“Aw okay, Love you” She smiled

With that her body turned swiftly and her hair flicked in my direction as she walked inside onto her Laptop. I breathed with a sigh of relief; two days in a row I had been caught doing something suspicious, if I could stay in her sight for a while that should mellow things down again – fortunately enough she caught an infection from falling over at work and she couldn’t walk properly. At the time I was really worried, but looking back on it now she had made it seem worse than it was. Nonetheless I looked after her for a while and stayed with her almost all day, every day until she got better; the exception being to get her Food and Drinks, but I had barely any time to do that as if I took longer than 5 minutes she would hobble weakly to me and just smile a beautiful smile and tell me how lucky she was to have me. Each time it made me blush a bit more and I promptly replied the same in return before going in for a tender kiss as she limped back to bed up the stairs.

It took a week and a half for her to get better; again, she was probably faking a lot of it either to keep an eye on me or to keep out of work – possibly both. Either way, I had to get a Dog to make what I said earlier seem more genuine. It was a Black Labrador as I had mentioned, it was a girl called Amelia and Evelyn loved it, she wouldn’t leave it alone. I brought it home as a surprise and it took an instant liking to her, pouncing on her and licking her face like dogs do.

After this though, she stayed at work for much longer than normal each day, but by this point I had forgotten about the wet substance in the shed; I can only imagine this is what she wanted. My laptop broke and I had to use her computer for a bit but as she was at work and she had left her phone here by mistake I couldn’t ask her if I could use it, so I just used it anyway. The screen awoke as I moved the mouse and opened to a password wall, I could only guess that it was her typical password of when we started dating, and it worked. Nothing was really unusual, except for her emails – I wasn’t being nosey I just wondered what she was doing at work that required her to be so late and thought maybe her emails would be of use to find that out. I opened to see an email from her Dad, it was a link to a MEGA download. Anyway, it contained some gratuitous pictures of corpses in a dark room with the bodies only visible by the light of a lamp on the table next to it. The outside of the room looked concrete so I could only guess it was a cellar of sorts. Each body was positioned slightly differently and had different features. On the table lay some general household tools: a Screwdriver, a Hacksaw, a Drill, a Hammer and a pair of Needle Nose Pliers. Inside the Needle Nose Pliers was a tooth, bloody and with a root hanging off the end of the tooth but each time it was a different tooth with some different features. At the bottom right was a name with a timestamp and each one was different, in order of timestamp: Callum, Pete, Rick, Charlie and Alex as the most recent.

It was disgusting. I looked back at the Email to see if anything else was there but only the words “You did a good job this time, a lot for me to clean up though. Lol”

Was this a fucking joke? I couldn’t understand why her Dad would send an email like this and why he said it was her. Then I realised my mistake – I opened the email while it was marked as Unread. She would know that I opened it now. Shit. I took a picture of the Download link and deleted the email; this was all too much. She probably wouldn’t notice the email missing if she didn’t read it perhaps, unless she was expecting it. Fuck.

I was shivering with fear in bed that night, Evelyn asked what was wrong and I just shook my head.

“Come on, baby. You can tell me”

“Its nothing, just cold as all.”

“If you say so…”

“Hey, just out of curiosity”


“What was the name of your last Boyfriend?”

“Oh, that idiot, he was called Alex Scott”

I gulped, it couldn’t be…

“He is gone now, but I’m glad because I have you” She said, smiling

At that point, we were not in a Relationship anymore, I didn’t tell her – and I didn’t plan to… yet. If I were honest I had two choices, I either get out as soon as I can and never look back or I stay a while and try to get more information about this all; after all, at this point it could have all been a misunderstanding of some Art Project or something like that.

I think it is obvious what I chose, I stayed for a bit and tried to act as casual as I could, but while she was out I went onto her computer, not for my own work anymore of course. I just wanted to understand all of this and the best way to find out is via the person’s own logs and trails they leave behind while browsing the web.

I went onto her Email again after a few days to see if anything had changed. No new emails really, just a bunch of spam that had appeared which was typical; I then checked her Skype account, I had never really seen anything she had done on Skype, we used it a few times but never heavily.

Her Skype account had no password wall like the computer, and I went on to see her list of contacts. I was in her favourites along with… 3 other men? Call me what you will but this was distressing – had she been cheating on me the whole time? The messages she sent seemed like it; lots of “I love you” and ASCII Hearts, the sort of thing she would send to me. Then it occurred to me, she may have never broken up with Alex at all… She could have just said that to…

I thought for a long time, all that love and affection she showed me and everyone else was a lie, none of it mattered to her, all the trips, all the gifts… Even Amelia – she was adopted based on false love. I broke down crying, keeping myself collected didn’t matter at this point; she lied to me about everything, I wasted so much on her, I loved her.

Distraught, I continued searching. At the bottom of the contacts list were lists of presumably previous Boyfriends with a face implying that they were no longer breathing: “x_x Alex” “x_x Pete” and the list goes on; so many people in my position, with the love of their life about to kill them – and it all added up. The staying out late, tools, everything.

Then a new message appeared, it was from someone called Cindy. I opened the contacts list to see a message saying:

“Ah, you are online! Greaaaat. Check out this website, I think you have a secret admirer” with a link to a website below. The address was and I could only assume it was something to do with Evelyn.

Sure enough, it loaded onto a webpage with a black background and white text, it was very simply laid out; central text and no images: just pure text. The main standout of the page was the text that had a list of everyone that had died at the hands of this monster. Each link redirected to a page stating all evidence anyone would ever need for an investigation, what struck me most though, was the Alias part. Each different page had a different Alias to the others, could this mean that Evelyn isn’t her real name? Probably, just something she made up on the spot to keep her trail clear.

I need to phone the police, I went to grab my Phone from the nightstand, but, it was missing.

I looked around the house for it but it didn’t take long to find that it was smashed in the Kitchen, no way could I use it. The landline wire was cut as well, there was no way to contact anyone remotely par from the Computer, but I was pretty sure I wasn’t alone.

A crash could be heard from the living room, Evelyn was defiantly here. She probably saw me on the Computer and did all this. I crept to the front door but… Shit! It was locked.

“Dan… Where are you?”

I ran out to the back garden, the only place I could go to was… The shed.

I didn’t even think twice, I ran inside the shed and shut the door, cornering myself inside a claustrophobic area. Then she walked in.

“Oh I wish you didn’t have to find out this way”

“You sick fuck!”

“That’s no way to treat your girlfriend, is it Dan? You got yourself into this mess after all. You could have just left me at the Bar on my own and maybe one of your pervert friends would have tried something on me, but oh you were so innocent – the perfect target”

“Just let me go, I won’t tell anyone”

“Oh I would love to, trust me. But I can’t take that risk unfortunately”

Her stance was very feminine but I could tell she was ready for anything. But before I knew it, she grabbed a plank of wood from the side and hit me round the head. Knocking me out cold.

When I awoke, I was in a dark room ziptied on a bloody chair. This was the room from the pictures, this was my end…

“Oh, you decided to wake up from your little nap?”

I didn’t answer, my mouth was taped shut.

“You probably have many questions now, right? I have no shame in what I do, it’s just who I am! Here, ask what you want”

She grabbed a Knife from the side, positioned it and slashed the tape along my mouth, cutting my upper lip and missing the space between my lips, it was agony.

“Oops! I missed. Silly me. Shall I try again?”

The question was rhetorical of course, she slashed again and missed, then again and again until she got it right.

“Perfect, now we just need to get rid of the tape”

I shook my head violently but she had no intention of stopping now – she ripped the tape off my mouth and opened up my wounds even further, tears rolled down my face and dripped onto my lap.

“Ask what you want then! Hurry up! I have a date to attend to”

I thought for a moment, my speech was slurred but still audible.

“Why, would you do this?”

I looked up at her and she thought for a moment.

“Simply put, I just hate you fucking creatures. You sick perverted fucks, I hope you all die”

“I did nothing wrong!”

She looked at me angrily and grabbed my hair from the scalp.

“I saw you in the Pub on the night we met, eying me up the whole time; probably would have pounced on me if no one was around”

“You don’t know that!”

“Just what my Dad taught me – oh wait, you don’t know my Dad do you?”

She walked around the chair to the table and inspected the tools at her disposal, the torture devices.

“See, my Dad is brilliant. Best Chief of Police I know”

I looked, startled. It would explain how she could get away with it, any evidence linking to her could be destroyed and the cycle could continue again.

“My Mother never agreed with what my Dad was teaching me in terms of rights and wrongs. I hope you can think where she went to” She giggled uncontrollably.

Evelyn walked up to me and crouched down infront of my legs with a Hammer, smiling as she did so.

“Now, this wont hurt a bit”

She lightly tapped my leg with the Hammer.


She looked at me with a trustworthy expression, suddenly that turned into a frown and she smashed my kneecap with the hammer over and over again until I could feel the fragments moving around. I screamed in agony as more tears poured down my face.

“I don’t know about you, but I am I very routine person – I like doing the same thing over and over until I can do it in my sleep. I assume you saw those pictures my Dad sent me? Those will be you soon, trust me”

“No, Please!”

She grabbed my jaw and inspected it.

“Been to the Dentists recently?”

I knew exactly what she was going to do, and I couldn’t stop it, she walked up to the table again and took the Needle Nose Pliers and sat on me while she opened my mouth. I attempted to bite her but all that happened was she slapped me and tried again.

“You fucked up my Routine!” She screamed as she slowly ripped out my Lower Right Canine. Blood then poured out of my mouth onto her chest and she looked inside my mouth. She tilted her head towards mine and kissed me, drinking the blood as she did so.

I was in utter agony and I could barely speak; there was no escape from this. She looked over her tools again and performed excruciating acts on me until I felt I could no longer breathe. She trilled into the empty space where my Canine used to me with a small drill-bit and I screamed for a constant 5 minutes until I felt the Drill pierce my lower Jaw and come out the other end.

As she pulled out the drill I could see part of my flesh on the drill-bit. She noticed this also and examined it.

“You know, I always wondered what you would taste like…”

She looked at me and grinned from ear to ear as I looked in horror at her licking the drill-bit clean of blood and flesh, spitting onto me my own bone fragments.

“Here, you should try it”

She took a piece directly out of my mouth and forced it down my throat until I vomited onto her.

“Are you fucking serious? I have to get changed now you pig, I think you need a break as it is, baby. You have worked hard, everyone else had fallen unconscious by now”

She went over to the table and grabbed a small screwdriver, the type used to unscrew Computers, and she looked into my eyes and I looked into hers. She opened my right eyelid with her fingers and jammed the screwdriver into the pupil, blinding half of my vision.

“I love you, Dan, you got me Amelia. I mean, just think of what the two of us could do if I trained her right”

I screamed in agony as she took off her clothes walking up the stairs and dropped them down. She opened a hatch and walked out.

I was crying, I was so afraid for my life and I felt myself about to pass out until I noticed she left the Knife close to the edge of the table, it was nearly in my grasp. I used the small amount of freedom with the cable ties pinning me down to grab the knife and make sawing motions on the cable tie until it came free. I proceeded to do the same with the rest of them until I was completely free and I collapsed onto the floor as I tried to stand up, I could feel the fragments moving around my kneecap as I bent my leg.

I crawled to the stairs and pulled myself up them, with my body aching each time I moved a muscle. When I got to the hatch I opened it and peered outside. She was nowhere to be seen, so I crawled into the house and hid in the front room until I heard her pass through the kitchen and into the Garden.

I wasn’t wasting this chance, I grabbed her keys from the side and unlocked the door, opened it and crawled out into the street with Amelia following close behind. I collapsed around the first corner and when I awoke I was in the recovery room of a Hospital.

I was told that Evelyn was taken to Court for her relentless murders, but knowing now that she has a corrupt police force on her side, she probably won’t stay for long.

So here we are now, I am stuck in a wheelchair writing this to warn people the dangers of this girl, the beautiful girl, the girl of your dreams. I will never be able to speak as fluently as normal as I have a large lisp that makes speaking painful, and I know that when Evelyn is out of Prison, she will probably want to find me to get her revenge for escaping.

I think… I think that is her at the door now…

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