This is my first pasta please like this and I hope Mutahar read's this!

My name is Tom and as a kid I really liked playing old Kirby games while my brother watched.

One day my brother and were bored and decided to try and find a used copy of a "Nintendo 64" and "Kirby 64". I searched all around the town and found a shop with it. When I tried to buy it they told me that I can have it for free. I was confused but brought the game system and the game home. When I got home, I saw that Kirby looked hyper-realisticly sad on the cover, but I shrugged it off. I attached the system into the socket, put the cartridge in and was ready for some Kirby!

When I turned on the console a buzzing noise could be heard and after that a static noise. As the title screen loaded i saw Kirby with black eyes and hyper-realistic blood dripping out of them. I was scared but I pressed start. The first level loaded. The sky was red, the plants were all dead and the level song was playing in reverse. I heard a demonic whisper saying "Tom, come to me." Kirby looked sad and whatever he touched it would decapitate and hyper-realistic blood came out. I also had 666 score, which didnt change at all. When I completed the first level. Something touched me on my back I felt like my back was crushing! I somehow turned around to see only a trail of blood and a pink ball for a split second.

I was in a hospital for 3 months and now i can't walk like normal anymore. I know i'll never play Kirby games anymore. When I slowly walked to the shop all i saw was a hole with something pink and bloody at the bottom.

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