I can see you. Such a foolish child, you lie there in your bed having your covers above your head, thinking I was gone, but I was always there, looking at your scared face. You were the only one who could see me. Your mother never saw me, Your father never saw me. I see you have gave me a name, Boogey Man. I look from the corner of your room, staring at you with my light blue dull eye's. My long disgusting red tongue that is covered in blood searches for a new taste in my mouth. blood bubbles fall from my mouth as I wait. Your cries for your mom only sealed your doom. I have hungered for your scream once more. My hair falls from my head every day from me trying to contain myself of my hunger by me pulling out my hair. My broken twisted fingers touch the end of your bed, as I wait for your beautiful scream. The oil from my skin drips on the end of your bed from me thinking about how I am going to torture you.  I will kill all of your most treasured loved ones just to break you down. Don't worry you will see me again, Sweet dreams.

My Rose

Take my hand.....

Come with me into my forest of shadows.

Its difficult to describe my lush forest.

Then again its quite difficult to describe anything exactly.

The forest will engulf your very mind, body, and soul.

If you follow, you will be stopped by twigs, branches, the extremity.

You would be lost.

Lost in this devil's game called "life".

This is the mid motion between life and death.

See how all your fears come back to you at once.

or maybe its not fear maybe its curiousity.

I want you......

I know you will lighten up my dark forest.

Saving me from myself.

However if you love me....

you were very clever

however no one can love a hideous creature like myself.

That is why my forest is dark.

its branch twist that much more every time you come closer.

Maybe your not the one who is lost.

maybe its me.....

Im in this dark autumn breeze.

Surrounded by a flock of black crows.

I was foolish I followed them.

No one can save me... now

Not even you my rose.

You shout and yell for me to return from this dark cursade.

But I cant hear.

I fly away to the place of doom.

I am forever lost.

As for you...

your lost for being friends with me.

Im afraid of your friendship..

im drowning in tears.

this is goodbye stalin.

Written by I love scary stories    

My rose is dedicated to Shaved Stalin we will miss you! ;(                 


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