Fame, doesn't it sound like something you desire. Being able to do whatever you want. Getting all the men and woman you could possibly want. You would surely be rich. It all sounds quite nice when you hear these things, but there is a darkside to fame that almost no one knows about or what everyone tries to ignore. The people that are famous know the dark side to fame quite well.

Picture this, you're a famous singer. You sing almost everyday without stop. Of course if love singing you wouldn't think this is too much of a probelm. But just think about, you have to deal with fans that want to attack you and you have to have a body guard. You would never be able to go to school again. You would have to almost stay in your house all day just for no one can see you. Why do you think singers always marry other famous people or other singers. Its because their afraid to go outside. They want to marry people that are just like them.

Whats even worse is that you could be sued for your money and be accused for crimes that you didn't even do. Why do you think famous people take drugs or commit sucide? Its because they just want some kind of release. They can't handle doing the same thing over and over. They can't handle trying to hide from the world. They start to lose their minds until they are finally driven to that last piece of desperation where they either kill themselves or become depressed. Now I know your thinking that some people that are famous are happy. That is because they havn't quite realized the horrible price for fame. 

The next time you want to be popular or famous just remember, everything has a price.  

Written by I love scary stories

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