My family has had many strange experiences with somewhat, "supernatural occurences". This is one of, and quite possibly one of the creepiest that I have heard. These are recollections from my parents and other family members, some also are mine, and this is what they said.

Story One-The Baby MonitorEdit

It was November 13th 1994. My parents were great friends with our neighbors and would go over sometimes at night while I was an infant. They had just gotten home from a party over their house. It was 9:00. My parents walked into my room to check on me. To their surprise, I was awake, and appeared to be very distressed. They picked me up, gave me my favorite stuffed animal, and out me back in. They then went over to my radio and turned on soft classical music.

As my parents went into bed, they set up the baby monitor like they normally did at night and put it next to them. They went to sleep and then later on in the night they suddenly woke up.

It was 3:00 in the morning, and both of my parents sprung up out of bed. The baby monitor. Classical music was blaring out of the monitor as if my radio was at full blast. My dad stormed into my room and my radio was completely shut off, even while the baby monitor was picking up blaring music. Even though I was asleep, I was laughing, laughing, a lot. The music on the monitor began getting more and more distorted until the music was just static. At exactly 3:01, I stopped laughing, the monitor broke, and the radio turned back on to classical music. My parents then went back into bed and attempted to sleep. 

My dad blew it off as a dream, same with my mom, that is until they discussed it the next day and they both knew about it. Also the baby monitor was still broke. That morning as they were eating breakfast they got a call from the hospital. When my mom picked up, she dropped the phone in shock.  Turns out, my grandfather had died, that morning at, yep, you guessed it, 3:00 AM.

Author's NoteEdit

This was the first part in a series of stories passed along among my family that had to do with ghosts or some other supernatural occurence. Thanks for reading and give me some feedback in the comments.

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