Flappy Bird. I play it on my phone.

Ding, Ding, Ding, I die. My best score is only a 10, can you believe it?

I've been up for a while, yelling "I WILL WIN!". It doesn't work. My fingers and arms hurt for helping that fucking bird get through those damn pipes. Everyone else can get to 30, 50, 65 pipes and more, while I'm only able to go through 10 pipes.

I want to stop playing but something in my brain just keeps telling me, "Play some more, and you will win". What a liar it was; I kept failing.

Why do I keep failing? Is there a reason to this game, is there an explanation I fail to see? I continue to play this game and losing is what I'm able to do best at this fucking game. I keep having recurring nightmares of me playing the game for so long, the screen turns into this awful blurred image that I can't make heads or tails of.
Flappy Bird

The screen I saw in my nightmare

I don't know how I could show you, but I'll find some way.

Every day since I started to play that game, my hands and arms started to weaken. There was one point where I couldn't feel my arms for two days, but during that time, the only thing that kept my arms at its regular pace was playing that game.

I couldn't understand one second, and my arms were numb, but when I play that game my arms feel totally fine. After weeks of constantly playing that game, my entire body became weak to its lowest point. My eyes tear constantly from staring at that screen, and I'm starting to vomit and cough up blood.

I'm starting to hear constant dings here and there. It's as if the game is tormenting me. I am not gonna keep playing much longer. Or at least that's what I want, but I just can't stop playing. I'm not eating and not going to school.. every single day, I'm absent.

I've been sent countless phone calls, all of which I fail to answer. I can't stop playing, it doesn't matter if I've missed a month of school already. What happened to me? Why am I enticed to play this game over and over again? Is there something I did wrong?

My vision is becoming weak and I can't hear as well as before, either.

My phone freezes as I get close to a good score or when I get a good score like 28 it jumps back to 10. I might be repeating the same thing over and over, but how am I gonna explain to you? When I cough, blood comes out.

Is it because I have not eaten that much or my body becoming weak? The one thing that boggles my mind is why I'm so weak and sick! I'm starting to see things I can't explain like dark or grey shadows walking around. Something happened yesterday. The power went out, and yet my phone and its internet still worked.

The shadows are fading, and I don't see them any more.

My mom told me to brush my teeth. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, and saw my teeth were yellow and my skin was grey! I brushed my teeth quickly. With that over, I wondered. What was gonna happen to my skin? 

I have insomnia because of that damn game. I get tired every day.

After 1 full month of being absent from his school, the police arrived at Jason Moores' house to investigate. Upon entering the house, a foul stench was apparent, and the police were suspecting a murder. Upon further investigation, Jason's body was found, his eyes were beet red and there was a small puddle of tears around his face.

On his lap was an iPhone, with only one application installed. That application was Flappy Bird. No connection between the phone and Jason's death was made until they had discovered this journal. Some pages were ripped out-- note the abrupt ending. This prompted the police to contact the creator of Flappy Bird, and on February 9th, Flappy Bird was removed from the app store due to this incident.


Made by Whats up guys!123456

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