I remember this day crystal clear. The day the reaping started. The retirement home. I was there with my grade seven class for community service. I can still remember what everyone was saying. "Move you dimwitted freak!" She yelled into my right ear. "Fine just relax were at a retirement home so stop yelling!" That would've been Olivia. Why she was so mean to me I didn't know at the time. I moved over from the door so she could get through. She was pushing an older man in a wheel chair around eighty it seemed. I smiled and waved as he went by, but all I got was an angry glance. I decided to just forget about it and watch the flowers dance in the wind. The outside of the retirement home was so pretty. Much nicer than the inside of the big horrible smelling building. I paused there and watched all the pedals fly by as the noise of the water fountain blocked out the noise of all the kids behind me. I closed my eyes and smelt the clean fresh air.

When suddenly I heard a scream. I opened my eyes and turned to find Olivia on the ground crying. I took a closer look and could see small drops of blood dripping from her forehead. I dashed towards her alone because no one else was outside. She sat there on her knees crying and saying "How, how, how?" Over and over again. I giggled a little and asked "How do you get a concussion by falling on the grass?" I smirked and giggled for only a second more until she turned and looked at me with fearful eyes and said "I don't know."

Chapter 1 complete.

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