By Evan906Edit

Nothing but a dark lonely hallway. They sit there, smiling as I'm being taken away.

My family seems to have no sorrow as we pass them by... No more playing catch, no more kisses or hugs or belly rubs. Why?

Don't they care they're letting them take me? Was I bad? Was I too loud?

As I look back at them, their backs are turned... they've walked away. I'm thrown into a cage like I'm rabid.

The door slams shut. I lie down, trying to make sense of what happened before, but it's a blur of grey and black. All I do remember is the ride to this place, because I looked up at the clouds. They where murky; so was the sky. After a couple of hours, I assume, I was awoken by a bang.

"Here, eat!" The man said as he placed a bowl of food in front of me. I smelled it. I was unsure about it, but I ate it anyways. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either.

"You get used to it, bud." I looked up; it was a young woman. "What's your name, bud?"

I didn't care for the puppy talk. "...Max," I responded. She smiled.

"You're so adorable." I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever," I murmured.

"Well, bye-bye," she said as she waved and walked away.

I sat there, still wondering about them. I cried; it was my thirteenth birthday, and they abandoned me, left me, gave me away...

No, they will return! They'll come back for me! I'll wait if I have to!

Days passed, then weeks, months, years. The woman came and went, and eventually never came back. I grew weak and ill.

One day, the man left the cage door open. I dashed away as fast as I could. The sky was black, and the rain hit my face, but I ran. I could feel I was close! I was free; I could see my house across the street! I could smell the richly cooked food and feel my warm soft bed, hear them crying tears of joy because of my return!

I heard a loud crash like a dish breaking. I lay there, the pain I felt words can't describe. I couldn't move; I didn't know what happened. I looked up; two lights were on me, then someone yelled, "Oh my God!" They came to me; it was her.

The woman held me in her arms. "Oh, Maxie boy," she cried. "I'm sorry."

She kept crying while petting my head. I looked up, choking on my blood. I kissed her cheek; at least she cared, at least she knew... I was a good dog.

The end (thank you for helping me write this. I love scary stories.)

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