Freedom is possibly one of the thinks people want most in the world. Its a longing to make your own choices, but when we stop to think about it. Freedom often comes with a heavy price, that some are willing to pay; however once we pay we either become content or monsters. Freedom is what brings out the darker nature in us.

We have often murdered or forsaken people in order to obtain our freedom while putting others misery. Its not even worth it because once we obtain that small freedom we try so hard to gain another. It goes on forever, in a way we are all slaves to freedom in itself. The more we long for freedom the more enslaved we become. In the twisted way of things freedom keeps us alive, we need it.

Its just highly overrated, in fact we should hate it. Freedom has caused so many wars, so many murders, and so many pointless fights. We will always want freedom that much is true, but it is impossible to obtain, unless your able to let freedom go then you will truly be free.

By. I love scary stories

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