There are many myths surrounding Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, from aliens to serial killers. The game has its fair share of myths and secrets. However, among all of these, there is one myth that I haven't seen anyone mention before on the internet.

‘The Man with an Umbrella’, ‘Umbrella Man’ or as it’s sometimes called ‘The Rainmaker’. Let me tell you about it then…

My name is Matthew and I used to work at a bar up until last week, but I had some trouble with my employer, and now I am unemployed and going through some financial troubles. But that is unrelated to the story.

This morning I was looking through my old stuff when I found a thin, transparent, square plastic packet with a DVD in it. There was also a paper inside the packet with box art of GTA:SA printed on it. It was a GTA:SA disc I bought when I was a kid.

The reason it wasn’t in a fancy case cover was, because it was a pirated game. Allow me to explain… It is really hard to buy games where I live. Games are very expensive here and Internet is slow as well, so torrents aren't an option either. As an alternative, there are many small shops in the city where pirated games are sold, for price as low as a dollar. When I was a kid almost everyone bought these pirated games. I had two best friends at that time; Kyle and Paul. Their personalities were quite opposite to each other.

Paul was a rough and bad tempered kid who always got into trouble at school, and Kyle was a kind and gentle guy with really pale skin, and a frail body. He suffered from a disease in which he got really sick if he became too excited or agitated. I think that’s why he always tried to stay calm, no matter what happened.

One day I, Kyle and Paul decided to pool our money together and buy as many games as we could. We headed to a newly opened shop near Paul’s house. Behind the counter was an old man who was reading a book.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“Do you have PC games?” I responded.

He picked a pile of transparent plastic packets which contained DVDs and papers with games’ box art on them, and put them on the counter.

“Pick whatever you want,” he said.

We had already decided beforehand which games we wanted.

“Do you have San Andreas?” Paul asked.

“I don't know… these are all the PC games here, find it out yourself,” he replied rudely.

Paul frowned and was going to say something to the old man, but he restrained himself and began looking through the pile of games.

I sighed in relief, Paul’s temper always got him in trouble. I knew Paul was going to snap if that old guy said anything again. So I quickly started rummaging through the pile of discs and decided to get the heck out of there. After searching for few minutes Kyle showed us a disk.

“I found the game” he smiled. He seemed unusually happy and excited about it. I kind of regretted bringing him with us now, as I knew that GTA was quite violent and perhaps even dangerous for Kyle's heath.

Of course, we 11-12-year olds shouldn't be playing this type of games in the first place, but none of our parents were good with computers or knew anything about games.

So we bought few other games and went to Paul's and then Kyle's house to install the games on all our computers, and then I went alone to my home with all the games, eager to finally get a chance to play GTA San Andreas.


I tried running the game, but it didn't work… I clicked on the new game and watched the opening scene with Carl at airport and after that, it just crashed. I tried fixing it, but it didn't work. Next morning, I met Paul and Kyle and asked them about the game.

“Really? You couldn't run the game?” Paul said in a surprised voice.

“It runs perfectly on my computer… maybe it’s your PC’s fault,” he said.

“You should try returning the game to that old man, or perhaps exchanging it for something that works,” Kyle said smiling.

“But the game runs on both of your computers, so I don't think it’s the game’s fault. Asking for money by returning it would be wrong!” I replied.

“I don't think that man is smart enough to notice,” replied Kyle.

I always thought Kyle was an honest kid, but I guess I was wrong.

“Yeah, that old bastard deserves it,” Paul said with a smile on his face.

I went to that shop alone after school, Paul said he didn't want to see that man again, and Kyle was hooked to the game. When I entered the shop, the old man was nowhere to be seen, but I could hear someone talking in a small room in the corner of the shop.

I tried to listen…

“WHAT?! Modded games? I wanted the original you fuckin moron.... What do you mean you made a mistake?” Someone was shouting in that room.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN HALF OF THEM ARE ORIGINAL?! I need all of them just the way I ordered! I will return the modded ones to you on Monday………. WHAT? YOU WON'T TAKE THEM BACK?!” I was thinking of getting out of there, but I stood my ground.

“Dammit… that bastard… how dare he end the call like that..,” A man holding a phone in his hand walked out of the tiny room, and stood behind the counter. He was around 25 years old.

“Sorry about that … I didn't notice you were here,” he said.

“How can I help you?”

“I bought a San Andreas disc from your shop an-”

“Let me guess, something is wrong with it?”


The man sighed, and told me he won't give me my money back, nor would he exchange the game, instead he offered me a new San Andreas disk at half the price.

I agreed and handed him the money. He took out a disk, and looked at the cover carefully as if checking for something wrong with it.

“Alright! I think this is the right one,” he handed me the disk and continued, “And sorry about my dad's behavior… he doesn't really like video games and I was out of town. If I was here, then you wouldn't have gotten the wrong game.”

I left the shop and went home. I installed the game, and it worked perfectly.

Within a month or so, almost every kid at school had San Andreas, and most of us had completed the story too. Soon after that everyone started talking about myths like Bigfoot, and Aliens that were supposed to be present in the game. Many kids would spend hours upon hours looking for them.

One day, Kyle told everyone that he had found a secret in the game and invited everyone to his house. After school I, Paul and five other guys went with Kyle to his house. Kyle turned on his computer and started the game. I wondered what Kyle wanted to show us so desperately.

After about fifteen minutes, one of the boys started to get impatient.

“Do you even know what you are doing?” he said to Kyle.

“Y-Yes, but I can't find him again,” Kyle stammered.

“Find who?” the boy asked, clearly annoyed.

“The man with the umbrella,” Kyle replied calmly.


Everyone looked at Kyle.

“Yesterday I found a man standing at the San Fierro docks, holding an umbrella… it was raining heavily and there was a lot of fog as well. Strange thing was, that there were no other characters on map… just him. There was a red mission marker in front of the man. I thought it might be a secret mission, so I saved the game. I loaded it just now… but I can't find it anymore”.

As you might expect, no one believed Kyle and said that he was just making it all up.

Kyle didn't come to school next day. So I went to see him and Paul tagged along too. He was in hospital… his parents said that he was really sick all of a sudden. Somehow I could tell that it was because of the game. I could tell that he was really upset about the fact that no one believed him about that umbrella man thing. When I was returning home in the evening, it started raining.

“Wish I had an umbrella now,” I chuckled.


It was around 11:25 pm, my Cellphone rang… it was Kyle.

“Hello,” said a raspy voice.

“Kyle?” I wondered why he was calling so late.

“I found him,” he said happily. “The man with the umbrella… I found him.”

I didn't reply to him… something wasn't right. To be totally honest, I didn't believe in Kyle when he first mentioned the Umbrella Man before. I am not saying he was lying or anything, I just thought he was probably mistaken.

He continued, “You won't believe how hard it was to find him, Matthew. To find him-” Kyle's voice was abruptly cut off by the sound of thunder.

“Great! Just what I needed, more fucking rain”, I cursed.

I couldn’t make out what Kyle was trying to say. I tried listening, and I think he said,“Fog… I can't see anything… it’s raining so hard” his voice was feverish. It was almost like he was delusional or something.

Finally, all I could hear on Kyle's end were the sounds of rain and thunder. Frustrated, I ended the call and walked to my window, I had to see how hard it was raining. I opened the curtains and looked out of window… it wasn't raining at all.


“I have a really unfortunate announcement to make today… one of our valuable students Kyle Garrison passed away yesterday…” I could hardly believe my ears, Kyle is dead?

Later that day, rumors started spreading that the man with the umbrella killed Kyle. Obviously, those other boys who were at Kyle’s house that day had their hand in these rumors. Paul was pissed off about how instead of showing some respect for our dead friend, every other kid had turned him into fodder for their gossip.

The next day I read an article about Kyle’s death in the newspaper. Obviously, there was no mention of any man with an umbrella. The report only described Kyle’s illness as the cause of his death, one thing which puzzled me was that the news said that he died at 10:25 PM… so how in the fuck’s name did I get that call from Kyle one hour AFTER his death?


I told Paul about it, and even showed him the call log of my phone. “It must be newspaper’s fault, maybe they printed 10 instead of 11… My dad always complains about such errors in newspapers”, Paul said. “Maybe… I think you are right,” I agreed.

That still doesn’t explain the sounds of rain and thunder during that call. I could see the hospital building from my bedroom’s window. It’s not as if it only rained around the hospital or just in Kyle’s room. Maybe the sounds were coming from Kyle’s computer. He did say that he was playing San Andreas during that call... but the sounds seemed so real.


One year after Kyle’s death, Paul and his family decided to move to Australia due to his father’s job or something. I wasn’t so sad about it because after Kyle’s death our friendship kind of fell apart. It is hard to explain why that happened. You see, Kyle was always smiling and calm whereas Paul had a bad temper and got angry over almost everything. They seemed to complement each other’s personality perfectly and it created sort of harmony within our group.

With Kyle gone, being around Paul got kind of irritating. Still we talked to each other one or two times every week. On the day that Paul’s family was to leave for Australia, I got a call from him…

“You remember the mystery that Kyle was chasing after?” Paul asked.

“Yes, but why are you bringing it up now?”

“I found it!”


“I said that I found that man with an umbrella!”

“But how is that-”

“Listen… I will tell you all about it after I get to Australia. It's a long story, and I have to leave for the airport now,” Paul ended the call after that.

Needless to say, I was curious… very curious. Maybe it will help to shed some light on many mysteries surrounding Kyle’s death.

But… Paul never called again. I waited for months for any call or message from him. In the end, I thought that Paul was just trying to tease me, as Paul knew exactly how I felt about Kyle’s death… maybe it was his idea of revenge. Considering the fact that I pretty much avoided Paul after what happened to Kyle, maybe he grew to hate me or something.


Now it has been ten years since all that happened. Now I am sitting here looking at the pirated disc in my hands and remembering these old friends. Even after all these years, I still haven’t forgotten about that phone call from a dead friend all those years ago. I think I know what happened…

I think Kyle was not lying. There really was a man with an umbrella in San Andreas or something that resembled that man. Kyle’s health took a turn for worse after everyone started calling him a liar, and as a result, Kyle began his frantic search for the Umbrella Man. Eventually he must have found it, and the excitement of the moment led to his untimely death. As for the rain and thunder sounds, they must be coming from his laptop… they have to be. The newspaper’s time must be just as Paul said… a simple misprint.

That is what I have been telling myself all these years. I have tried looking for the Umbrella Man. I have tried every method rumored to trigger it, but none of them seem to work. The reason to why they did not work is clear… the methods are all just rumors. The only people who I believe have seen the umbrella man were Kyle and perhaps Paul as well.

“Suddenly, the realization hit me! That’s it! That’s fucking it! I can’t believe that I didn’t think of this before… this disk! THIS fucking San Andreas disc!”

The game Kyle and Paul had played was THIS game, that I now held in my hands. It was this modded game that they were playing all this time, and not the regular San Andreas. I realized I never had the chance to play this game in my past due to the fact that my PC couldn’t run it back then, so I played the regular game… but both of my friends were using this version all along.

I put the game disc in my drive and soon installed the game. I played for a long time, doing missions and progressing the storyline further and eventually I got to San Fierro city. Then I saved the game and slumped back in my seat with disappointment… it was just the regular game, there was nothing different aside from the fact that the graphics were better than the original.

An idea came into my head! I had yet to take a look inside the game’s folder. I took out another disk from my cupboard, it was the regular and unmodded San Andreas that I had been playing for all these years. I installed it in my D drive which I never use to install the games.

“Great! Now I have both versions on my computer” I said to myself and began comparing the files of the modded version with the regular version.

Most of the files and folders were the same, except one. There was a folder called “Tempest” in the modded version and it contained a lot of files which I believed were for the mod. I tried looking through them, but due to my lack of experience in hacking and modding, I couldn’t understand what each file was used for.

There must be more than a hundred files. Maybe that’s why this game required more powerful PC than the one I had in past.

In the end, after sorting through all the files, I was able to find one text document which I could make sense of. It was named ‘Rain Maker beta 0.5’, I figured that this might be the name of the mod.

It went something like this…

“I thank everyone who decided to give this project of mine a try. A lot of people asked me about what this mod adds to the game and why is its size so big as compared to your regular game.

The purpose of this mod is to improve the graphics quality of your game AND it also has an extra mission, but I won’t tell you about it though… think of it as a treasure hunt. This mod might change your life.

I would really like your feedback… tell me about everything you experienced while playing the game. You can even tell me about something which happened AFTER playing… anything out of place.

Please don’t forget to leave your feedback.

Keep in mind that this game requires a lot more power to run than the regular “mods” out there.

Once again, I thank you for playing.


P.S I really enjoy listening to radio late at night.”

At least, it’s confirmed now that this game is a mod, and that line about the radio is probably clue.


I spent the entire evening playing the game, driving around while switching radio stations, and listening hard for any clues regarding the Umbrella man. Eventually around midnight (in game time) I switched to WCTR radio station, and heard what sounded like a news report.

“Little Melissa has been spotted once again near San Fierro docks…..”

The rest of transmission was full of static and unclear.

“Who is this Melissa?” I thought to myself. Radio also mentioned something about San Fierro docks. I remembered how Kyle described his first encounter with that man.

I immediately took a U-turn and started driving towards docks. As I was driving towards the dock I noticed that traffic had started to dwindle quickly and soon it started to rain, and a thin layer of fog had also appeared.

By the time I arrived at the docks, all the streets and roads were empty and devoid of all signs of life, and there was a thick layer of fog all around.

I could see a red light in the distance and I started moving towards it. Upon getting closer to the source of the light…  I finally found what I was looking for all this time. In front of me, there was the sight that Kyle and perhaps Paul too saw all those years ago… standing before me... there was a man holding an umbrella and in front of him was a red mission marker.

He was bald and his whole body was pitch black. He didn't even had a mouth… the only thing he had were eyes…  just a pair of regular eyes, and of course he was holding a bright red umbrella open over his head.


I suddenly felt really stupid. This entire situation was absurd. I wasted this entire morning and who knows how many days in past looking for THIS? Just an NPC in a modded GTA game? I felt really stupid to even think that this game had something to do with Kyle’s death.

There it is! Just a fucking NPC looking at me with its lifeless eyes! Probably made by some amateur modder. I am not sure why, but I always thought, somewhere in the back of my mind that once I find this thing, all the mystery, and confusion surrounding my friend’s death will end.


If this man exists… what about Paul? I always thought Paul was lying about the Umbrella Man, and just wanted to tease me. But if this man exists then it means that Paul was probably telling the truth, and really planned on calling me back.

So why didn't he call? Did he lose my phone number or something?

My eyes were fixed on the red marker in front of the Umbrella Man now and after a moment of slight hesitation, I stepped into it.

The screen faded to black and a mission started, called ‘Deep within Her Heart’. When the screen appeared again, I was still at docks but the Umbrella Man had disappeared.

Blue text appeared at the bottom which read “Find Little Melissa”. I looked at the radar at the corner of the screen, and there was a blue square telling me where to go.

I typed in the code for the Jet and started flying towards the target.

I was flying over the sea for about 5 minutes, it reminded me about that mission where you had to go to liberty city by flying towards the sea.

While I was doing all this a thought crossed my mind… who was this Melissa? And why was the mission leading me towards the sea.

I assumed that maybe she was some girl who drowned at the sea… just active imagination I guess.

Finally, I reached the spot indicated on the map. I exited the Jet and opened the parachute, and slowly started to descend.

I turned my camera downwards to see what was under me, and floating in the stormy and fog-shrouded sea below me was a big, old, and rusty ship. On the side of the ship, two words were written in fading and decaying paint… “Little Melissa”.


So Little Melissa was a ship… It looked abandoned though. On the deck, I saw a red marker and after abandoning my parachute, I walked into it.

Blue text appeared again at the bottom of the screen, and it read “Investigate the Ghost Ship” another blue square appeared on the radar. I started walking towards it and soon found myself inside the ship. The walls and doors of the ship were rusted and in front of me was a long corridor. At the start of the corridor was another red marker and after walking into it, blue text appeared once more and it read “Find the captain's log”.

My next destination was past the corridor, so I started sprinting through the corridor, but a text appeared that sent chills down my spine.

“Don't look at the ceiling”

The text was in bright purple color.

Needless to say, I crossed the entire corridor while looking at the ground. I thought that the mission would fail if I try to look at the ceiling. Eventually the corridor ended, but I still had to traverse through a maze of small corridors and stairs, and not long after that I got lost. It was too hard to run while looking at the ground by this time.

So I decided to turn the camera up and look at the ceiling to see if something really happens. I move my mouse back and slowly turn my camera upwards.

I waited for few seconds to see if something would happen but it didn’t… no mission failed screen appeared, nor any penalty. So I continued onwards toward the target. Finally, I entered a small room with a desk in it. Sitting on the desk was an open book and in front of the desk was the red marker.

I walked into the marker and text started appearing at the bottom of the screen.

“July 2- It has been three days since the storm started, and it’s still raining with the same intensity as it was on the day it started. I hope it stops soon.”

“July 3- Everyone seems uneasy and all methods of communications with the outside world are down… we have to prepare for the worst.”

“July 4- Many sailors report seeing a man with a red umbrella on the deck despite the violent storm. Some even claim to see him around passenger cabins, still holding that damned umbrella. Some sailors claim that he is a ghost or something. I have to stop these rumors.

“July 5- More reports of that man with the umbrella. This time, he is seen even in places where no passengers are allowed to go. Both sailors and passengers are getting uneasy and anxious.

“July 6- Three sailors and two passengers have disappeared… everyone is blaming the man with umbrella. I have to investigate.”

“July 7- Eight passengers are missing since yesterday. Everyone including sailors is panicking now. I have to assign more sailors to patrol the ship at night.”

“July 8- Every single person I sent out to patrol has disappeared, along with ten more passengers. Communications are still down and we need help.”

“July 9- I checked the entire ship today… I couldn’t find anyone. No passenger or sailor is aboard. What is going on? All lifeboats are here too… they couldn’t have evacuated.”

“July 10- I finally found someone on this ship… It’s that man with the red umbrella. I only saw him from a distance, but I am scared now… The storm is getting even more violent and I can’t find anyone else.”

“July 11- I am alone in my cabin and hiding from whatever is out there. That thing is knocking at my door for hours now and it doesn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon. I remembered something a friend told me many years ago when I was a new sailor. He told me about a monster who is said to roam this part of the ocean. He told me that the monster causes violent storms and tortures the sailors. Could it be that this current situation is caused by that monster?”

“July 12- The storm finally stopped so I searched the entire ship once again. When I was about to open the large set of doors leading to the dining hall, I thought I heard a sound from inside, so I pressed my ear against the door and listened.

I could hear very faint screams, and what sounded like rain and thunder from inside the room. Was everyone in there? The storm has already passed too... so why were there any sounds at all? INSIDE the ship especially.

I am back in my cabin to grab my gun, and I will report on my findings once I return… IF I return that is.”


The text stopped appearing, and I got my next objective in red letters… “Face the Rain Maker”

A red triangle pointing downwards appeared on the radar indicating my next destination. While traveling towards it, I ventured into some rooms along the way, and when I looked out of circular windows I noticed something different… The storm had stopped.

Upon getting closer to the point indicated on the map I came across a set of big double doors with a red marker in front. When I walked into the marker I heard screams… must be hundreds of them coming from the other side of the doors, and I also heard something which creeped me out even more.

I could hear what sounded like thunder and rain, coming from inside the room… it reminded me of that call I received from Kyle on the night of his death.

The screen faded to black, and when it appeared again I was inside a giant room covered in fog, darkness, and rain. I looked up and saw there was a metal ceiling several feet over my head. How the fuck was it raining then?

I walked further in the room and found the Umbrella Man standing several feet away from me. I was startled by a sudden clash of thunder, and I noticed the rain was falling with more intensity now and fog was getting thicker. Soon the entire screen was filled with fog, and I couldn’t see anything else but only the silhouette of the Umbrella Man.


Suddenly, blue text appeared on the bottom of the screen. It said only one word…


Then I noticed the silhouette of the Umbrella man getting closer to me, and I started to run away from it, but due to all the fog I couldn’t see where I was going.

After running for several minutes, I found the corpse of an old man. He was wearing the uniform of a ship’s captain and there was a pistol floating over his corpse. I picked the pistol up, and aimed at the Umbrella man.

He stopped moving immediately, and fog started to slowly disappear. I noticed something odd… you know when you aim at a character in the PC version of San Andreas with a mouse, you can see a triangle on top of their head which shows the health of the character? Green, yellow, orange, red and finally black. With green being high health and black meaning dead.

The triangle over the head of the Umbrella Man was black… regardless, I started firing on him. He didn’t even seem to flinch, and soon I ran out of ammo.

Fog started to appear again, and I could hear hundreds of screams from every direction. Beyond the fog, I could see the silhouette of the Umbrella Man running towards me at full speed, and in his hand he held his umbrella which was now closed, and its tip was sharp and pointed. He was wielding it like a melee weapon.

I tried running away from him, but he quickly caught up to me, and just as he was about to strike…

...the game crashed.

I just sat there staring at my desktop screen, and slowly shifted my gaze to the bottom right corner of my monitor, and noticed that it was almost 11:25 P.M. I clicked the shutdown button, and then decided to lie down on my bed to process everything that happened.

As I was laying there staring at my ceiling in my darkened room. I remembered how the game said, “Don’t look at your ceiling,” in that purple text… I wondered what that was all about.

As I was looking at the ceiling, I noticed something odd… I decided to turn the lights on but I was too exhausted to do it.

My eyes started to get heavier, and soon I was fast asleep.


I opened my eyes… it was bright outside, Almost too bright. Everything felt different. My doorbell rang, I lazily walked up to the door and opened it.

A man with really pale skin and long blond hair was standing outside my door. He had a red umbrella which was covering half of his face. He moved his umbrella back and revealed his face and gazed at me with calm blue eyes and a kind smile.

“It’s been a long time, Matt!” he said in a cheerful voice.

“What? …...Kyle?” I asked in disbelief.

“Paul wants to see you too…”, after saying that he handed me his umbrella.

The umbrella was not entirely red, it looked like someone took a bucket of paint and threw it on the umbrella and paint did not cover the surface entirely. It had a sharp and pointed tip, which was about the size of a kitchen knife. I moved my hand across its surface… it had a strange texture and its color (which wasn’t covered by the red paint) was strange too.

My eyes widened as I realized what was so strange about the umbrella.

His smile grew even wider.

“What the fuck is this thing?!” I yelled at him.

“Don’t say that Matthew! It’s Paul... not any regular umbrella!” He chirped.

“Oh my god! This umbrella… is it made out of Paul’s skin?!” I muttered to myself.

“And bones too…” Kyle added.

“Why?” I asked meekly.

“Well, the boss thought Paul would make a fine umbrella. It’s such a pain. The Boss always wants it colored bright red but it always gets dark after a few days.” he complained.

“What?” I asked with a scared and puzzled voice.

“Never mind that… by the way, why did you look at ceiling?”


“Didn’t I tell you not to look at the ceiling when you were playing that game? I had to go through so much trouble to send you that message.” Kyle said in a slightly annoyed voice.

“But I couldn’t walk while looking at the ground!”

“I wasn’t talking about in-game” he added before I could say anything else.

“Why does it matter even if I did and who is this boss of yours anyway?”

“Boss was looking at you at that time and trust me he doesn’t like when you meet his eyes”

“You are not making any sen-”

“As for who he is… boss is the one referred to as the ‘Rain Maker’. You saw him too didn’t you?” He said before I could finish my sentence.

“I don’t get it...”

He sighed deeply and took the umbrella from my hands, which I had forgotten that I was holding all this time and said-

“Just remember one thing. He can see through every drop of rain.”


I woke up. I was breathing heavily and there were drops of water falling on my chest from the ceiling. I got up from my bed and turned the lights up. I shifted my gaze upwards and saw a big dark stain on my ceiling with water leaking out from it slowly.

“Great… just what I wanted right now”, I said annoyed.

I rubbed my eyes and looked around the room to decide what to do next. Just then my eyes fell on my computer and I remembered all the events which happened yesterday.

I rushed to my window and looked out. As expected it wasn’t raining outside and my room was on the third floor of the building and it had over five more floors on top of it… even if it was raining there is no way in hell that rain water could leak into my room from the ceiling.

“Maybe it’s the bathtub or something on the floor above.” I tried to reassure myself but at this point, I knew exactly what and why this was happening.

All my fears were proven true when I saw more and more stains appearing all over my ceiling and more water started leaking from it.

By this time, there was so much water leaking from the ceiling, it’s almost as if it’s raining in my apartment… I tried getting out of here but the door was locked and all the windows too. I tried calling someone for help on my phone but they don’t seem to hear my voice. I thought of hiding somewhere but Kyle’s words echo in my mind…

“Just remember one thing. He can see through every drop of rain.” he had said in that dream.


There’s no way out now… I have accepted my fate. I should have died like my friends, all those years ago. I have to stop writing now because sounds of thunder and rain are growing louder and louder.

By the time this tempest ends… I will no longer be here anymore…


Matthew Wilson has been missing for over a month now. Police believe that he ran away to escape the large amount of debt that he didn’t plan on paying. The text above was taken from a small notebook which was found in his apartment. The Police believes that the purpose of the story is just an attempt to hinder the investigation. After all no disk mentioned in the notebook was found in the apartment.

Credited to- Caramelll the Dream Catcher

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