I just completed 100% completion of my GTA SA a few minutes ago, and then I'm continuing playing the game. I entered the All Cars Fly cheat and fly Las Venturas, I'm going to the safe house in Prickle Pine. I save the game in that safe house. I leave the house and after a few hours of playing roaming around Las Venturas, there was no pedestrians and cars. Parking cars are not even there. I don't know why. Then I goes back to the safe house in Prickle Pine. Once I entered, I saw a blood stains on the floor. I was a bit scared, then I entered the wardrobe and CJ is not in the mirror, nothing was in the mirror. It was black. Then I fly to Los Santos and go inside another safe house and the wardrode's mirror was still the same. Then I'm going to change CJ's clothes. Once I selected "Green Hoodie", It shows CJ is wearing a bloody green hoodie. I had no choice and I might just have to wear it. A few minutes later, the screen goes black for no reason. After the game loads back, it shows CJ's with no clothes on. He was still at the same place before the screen goes black and then I heard an AK-47. I knew that not all pedestrians were gone. I was trying to search for the person that shoots the AK-47 but I couldn't find him. I went back to Ganton and grab a Hydra to fly and it exploded instantly, and wasted. The weird thing is that I'm respawned infront of the graveyards in El Castillo Del Diablo. I was so scared so I spawned a jetpack to fly away from there. Suddenly, I sees someone down there. So I decided to fly down and see how the person looks like. It was CJ's clone. My CJ does not have any clothes on, and the CJ's clone had a hockey mask, black pants and black shoes. The hockey mask had alot of a blood. So I spawned a weapons with cheats, when I was about to kill him, the blue screen of death appears. I turned off my computer and opened it again, when I was about to search for GTA SA, it's gone. The game is gone. All the files are gone. But there's a strange file left called "cj.exe". When I clicked on it, it turned off my computer instantly.