Gamer - A Description of How The Video Games Affect You.

Ok, so I finally woke up. I was glad and was wondering what to do next. After all this time, I don't know how to live life normally anymore. Being stuck there wasn't the best thing for my life. You are probably wondering what I am talking about. Well it's about something that I am sure that is happening to you right now. It's about those video games. From the very first time you play a video game, your mind is downloaded and sent to a digital database somewhere deep into all technological programs to be stored and probed there forever.

Once your "there", your mind begins to download and process implements of millions of software around the universe. I was there, I was there for a very long time. Thinking I was this type of being, with all sorts of different characteristics.

Humans are so restrained to the capabilities of their body. Only being able to use a fraction of their craniums capacity, always being pulled down by their planets gravitational force, but most of all, always playing video games. I remember playing the video games all the time for fun. I played them on these machines called computers, televisions, hand-held consoles, and even on my communication device.

Remember what I said earlier? About how your mind is downloaded and stuff? Well as you can probably tell, I'm here. I'm here as an example to all of man-kind.

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