Luke Afer, rode the truck down the interstate highway. He put up his hand to protect his eyes from the burning light of the sun coming in through the tinted glass of the windshield. In the back of the truck, his very important shipment rattled around in hundreds of boxes. He checked the time, 2:30, he still had two hours left. He pulled off the highway, only to be met by a red light. He waited a few seconds before a small red car pulled up beside him. He looked through its window and met the gaze of a young man sitting in the passenger seat. The man looked back at him with an expression of disbelief and confusion, but before the man could grasp what he was seeing, the light turned green, and Luke sped away.

Luke drove for an hour before entering a small neighborhood filled with teenagers hanging around in yards and parks. He drove through most of the neighborhood before coming to a sharp turn. Without a second thought, Luke the sharp turn, causing the back of the truck to swing around, and crash into a nearby streetlamp. The old lock holding the back door closed busted apart, sending boxes of his shipment flying out the back. He stopped the truck, and peered through the rearview mirror. Sure enough, a group of teens had already flocked to the truck, picking up and examining the boxes, though Luke couldn’t tell if they were trying to steal them, or just help him put them back.

Luke got out of the truck, and headed towards the back. The teens looked at him for a split second, before running with terror in the other direction, boxes in tow. ‘Great,’ Luke thought, ‘they’ll have my head for this.’ He began putting boxes back into the van. A silence hung over the neighborhood, as the occasional head would peer at Luke from a window, only to pop away as soon as they saw him. Luke managed to pack the rest of the boxes into the truck without much difficulty, and drove away, leaving the neighborhood behind.

Luke arrived at his destination with fifteen minutes to spare. He got out of his truck, and opened the garage door of the abandoned storage building. He drove the truck inside, and grabbed a key from his glove compartment. He unlocked and opened the door in the back of the building. A flight of metal stairs stood behind the door, leading to a fiery abyss below. Luke went back to his truck, and opened the back. He grabbed boxes of games, filled with popular titles like Sonic.exe, and MARIO, all ready to be delivered to Gaming Inferno, hell’s first gaming shop.

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