I was always a fan of SpongeBob. So I decided to get the third season, my favorite season, on DVD. I went on Amazon. I searched for low prices and found "SpongeBob: The Complete Third Season + Extra Episode" I was intrigued and bought it. It was the last in stock and the listing disappeared after I bought it.

The DVD arrived at my house fast. As soon as I got it I plopped the DVD in my PlayStation, which is my DVD player. I couldn't find the extra episode so I went into special features, which I almost never do. The last entity on Special Features was in red text that said "Gary's World".

I thought this was the extra episode so I clicked it. There was no music and in the middle of the screen it had the title of the episode, again in red. The writers' names were blurred out but at the end I saw red letters. One had the letter s at the end. Maybe Zeus Cervas? Maybe I was just thinking that because my favorite YouTuber thinks that he writes all the messed up episodes that were yet to come in the series. The next red letter I saw was an e. Doug Laurence? Maybe. The last red letter was a r. Casey Alexander? Possibly.

The episode started off with the worst sound in the world, ear-rape. That was from SpongeBob's foghorn alarm, but it sounded louder than normal. Gary is very annoyed by this and then SpongeBob yells good-morning to Gary, patting him on the shell. I hear little tiny breaks. I thought the shell might crack, like normal, but nope. Gary slithers into the kitchen. SpongeBob puts on his Krusty Krab hat and leaves without feeding Gary. Gary meows for a bit and then the French Narrator says in a imperceptible voice "7 weeks later" and Gary is lying on the floor moaning. Gary meows something that sounds like, "Help". Then a thunderous voice hisses "The one that you are pleading for is gone." Then an achromatic picture of SpongeBob with bloodied eyes is in the background. Gary yowls and runs out of the house.

He spots Squidward who is lying in a lawn chair, smiling nefariously. Squidward then walks into the house, and Gary follows him. The snail then spots a gory image of SpongeBob tacked onto the wall. I was always fine of gore and other things like that so that didn't scare me. I then hear a distinct chainsaw sound effect that I'd use to make YouTube Poops or something lesser of quality. A cadaverous version of Squidward appeared with the chainsaw in hand. He smirked and cut Gary in half. I started to cry a little bit and then the ending credits appeared, all drab and dull with a nightcore version of the ending theme in the background.

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