The disk in a player's inventory.

On September 9th of 2012, a forum on the PokéCommunity site was made called "Genesect: Hidden Disk?". The forum's creator was said to have found a glitch on Pokémon Black and White where an extra disk for the Pokémon Genesect could be found. This was said to be a useless disk and cause a text box to appear when Genesect was told to hold it, after this, however, the game would suddenly turn off, and once restarted the game would progress normally, yet the disk would not be in the player's inventory. The text box contained a chunk of Binary code what, when decrypted, said "2010 21st October: Ken said he would be making a new disk for Genesect, he's not himself lately..." Other forum members have described to have similar experiences, but with different codes. These codes ranged from the past, present and the future. Some describing Ken Sugimori going mentally defective and not sleeping, for example: "'2020 10th April: Ken is going insane, This is causing major problems in the game development, he shouts at me and slaps me if I don't tell him what he wants, this is ridiculous. or "2029 4th July: Ken is scaring me, he had bags around his eyes yesterday, he obviously had insomnia or something. I'm reaching breaking point..." .

However, some are more passive such as "2012 7th May: I think the design for the starters are coming on well..." The Codes continued for pages until, after months of replies, a final paragraph of binary code was decrypted saying "2079 2nd January: I'm implementing these codes into the old Black and White games, just so if anyone does find them, they'll know. They'll know..." After this message the forum was closed down and it was reported to Game Freak HQ, this lead to controversy about the Disk's purpose and if the dates and messages were real. The disk, what appeared to be named "CLARITY", was quickly deleted from the game's files. Apparently it can still be found, as the codes are still contained in the game's coding. To find it the player must press A on the tiles on the center and right of the door on the inside of the Café Warehouse. However, another forum opened up describing that this procedure only causes the message "It looks like a cabinet full of Pokémon goods." To appear. This further questions the genuinity of the alleged Disk, and asks more questions like "Why do the codes abruptly end at 2079?" And "What did the author of the Codes think we would know?". The forum, again was quickly closed by admins and everyone who was included in it was banned from the site Permanently. This enigma is a mysterious and odd one. Who knows, it could be a type of message, a message of impending doom...

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