There was a scene in the 1987 comedy Three Men and a Baby just over an hour into the film that has become one of the most paused movie moments. And with good reason.

In this scene, Jack Holden and his mother walk through the house with the baby. They then pass a background window on the left-hand side of the screen and what appears to be a rifle or shotgun can be seen behind the curtains pointed downwards.

Forty seconds later, they walk past the window again and this time a human figure can be seen in that window.

Suddenly a legend began in August 1990, about an nine-year-old boy that committed suicide with a shotgun where the scene was being filmed. After the incident, the son's parents moved out and the house was bought or rented by the Film Studio. It was then claimed that the human figure in the window was the ghost of the boy.

It was later confirmed that the figure was actually a carboard cutout of Jack Holden that was accidently caught on tape. This caused even more rumours however, that the film's distributors had started the story to increase sales of the movie and to draw attention to the sequel, Three Men and a Little Lady.

If that was true, then it damn well worked.

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