Still, the beast eluded me.  I had thrown everything I had into the search, and the result?  Bloodied clothes and cracked nails.  It was always one step ahead of me, and that was maddening.  I knew how to kill it, I knew how to track it, but it always slipped through my fingers.  People in my team have been going missing more frequently, and I think it's toying with me.  I'm not going to give it the satisfaction of killing me.  I'm going to end it here.

The search, I can't complete it, it's taking over, I can't control something that controls me, I can't stop, I can't start, I can only stand still, as it takes over my flesh, my muscles, and making me regret the first step into this project, and I didn't like it when it did, I have to end my logs here, and now, if you ever find my corpse, you will be reading this, and I can't continue it... the blood on the clothes now is mine.

As I followed he beast for so long and so much time I have spent on this hunt the more I see the beast I wonder if it truly is toying with me no matter where or what I do nothing can stop this beast it runs through this forest like it's been it's home for years and as I finally find its den and as I step in I realize that the beast was toying with me all along as I find that the way I came in was surrounded by what seemed more of them and as I knew the end was near 😏sounds like a good ending to me.

I'll never escape, I'll never leave, but this den, will be my soul's sieve and always, and forever, will filter good and bad...

My Other Story Edit

The End Is Always Near

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