When I was a kid, my parents bought me this very obscure educational game for our crappy Windows 98 computer. Even though the game itself was obscure, it was rather fun. In the game, you do jobs in a city-like place that kids would know about, like a firefighter, a doctor, a construction worker, and etc. The game requires you to use math and language arts skills to complete each job and earn points where you can buy clothes and decorations for a house that you can live in (which was another cool feature for the game). My parents bought the game hoping that if I learned how math and language arts can be used in real life, then I would do better in school and do better as an adult. And, in all honesty, it kind of worked.

Even though I enjoyed the game, there was one thing in it that always got to me, Gibby. Gibby was an NPC within the game that was supposed to act as the comic relief, but he would just come on screen, say some stupid thing, and would then get injured in a slapstick style, but turn out uninjured. Another odd thing about Gibby was his design. Gibby was a circular man, and by circular, I mean a complete circle with limbs, he also resembled a French chef with gray hair and a white chef's outfit, he also had a short chef's hat. Gibby also had a elderly voice with a British accent (which surprised me since he was supposed to be a FRENCH chef).

IMG 1254


The game also had a feature where you can talk to the NPCs, or citizens, by typing in whatever you want in a text box. You would usually get a randomly chosen response, but sometimes, you would get strange responses that have nothing to do with your question. I'm bringing this up because I used this feature with Gibby. I asked him a few questions, getting the strange, unrelated responses that the game usually gives you sometimes. Then, I asked him...

"What are you doing here?"

I don't know why I decided to ask this, in fact, I still don't understand. However, what Gibby responded with disturbed my childish mind...

"Now, now... we don't have to ask TOO many questions".

I was utterly shocked by this response, and what's odd is that instead of sounding unrelated, it sounded like he knew what I just said, almost as if the programmers made this a response that the character would say when this was asked, but why? Why did the programmers make THIS a response? An easter egg maybe? I chose to ask Gibby the same question again, but I was greeted with the same response. I thought it was useless to ask the question over and over again, so I stopped asking.

As I grew up, I stopped playing the game and moved on, I got good grades, graduated college, and got a job as an insurance agent. The game popped in my head recently after visiting my family and finding a box with the old computer and the games with it, like Doom, Half Life, and many more. But then, I discovered the game, I also saw the game's title, "You & The Big City". A tsunami of memories hit me when I saw the box, but I was disappointed when I noticed that the disc was not in the box. But still, I was thrilled that I saw the game.

Later when I went back home, I logged onto a gaming forum and made a discussion about the game, its obscurity, and "Gibby". Most of the responses talked about how they never heard of the game, while some talked about how they remembered the game and how fun it was, but those responses also talked about how there was no character called Gibby and asked me what character I was referring to. I was confused by these responses and thought the people who responded lied about playing the game.

Trying to confirm that there was an NPC named Gibby that was in the game, I researched the game a bit and found an email address of a programmer, Kevin, who worked on the game. I sent him an email talking about how I loved the game as a child and if there was a character in the game called "Gibby", I also described the character to his entirety. About an hour later, the programmer replied to my email, this is what he said...

"Dear Noah, I would like to thank you for enjoying the game as a kid, it's the least I could do! But about this "Gibby" character you speak of, I don't know what you're talking about. There was no plan for this character to be made and put into the game. I would say that your game was modded in some way, but that would be impossible since the game had no modding feature, and the code of the game could not be accessed by anyone, also, since the game wasn't our most popular, the code could not have been leaked on the internet at anytime. I have no clue as to what you're talking about, but I hope there is a reason for this...

Sincerely, Kevin _____"

So that leaves me with what I'm asking you... Who did I see in that game?...


I've recently noticed that people are commenting to my post, mainly Creeper50, Demonbreathcrepypasta, and TheAlmightyXbox. With the exception of TheAlmightyXbox, Everyone else asked me about what happened next. But here's the thing, I just don't know. I've been hearing these stories about haunted video game cartridges. And yes, like everyone else, I believe these stories get old after reading them for some time. But I also think that maybe, just maybe, my game has something in it.

Also, I believe that this occurrence is similar to the BEN story. NOW PLEASE! Do not freak out about what I just said! I believe this because BEN is a force in the game that shouldn't be there, which is exactly like Gibby. However, unlike BEN, I don't know where Gibby came from... yet, and so far, Gibby doesn't appear harmful. Anyway, I decided to call my parents and ask them about the game and where it came from. They told me that they bought the game from a local store in the town I lived in. I asked them also if the game was used, to which they said it was brand new.

I still believe that my game has something in it that made Gibby appear, but I just don't know if i'm right or wrong about this. I'll continue to update this when I feel like I have something about Gibby to talk about... I know that updating this was a last minute decision, but I'll do this just to keep you informed...


Okay, I recently got a hold of Kevin, the programmer that I mentioned earlier. Yeah, about the blank last name, I wanted to protect Kevin's identity so he won't get an onslaught on messages and questions about what's been going on. Getting back on topic, I got a hold of Kevin and talked to him about my theories. Now, the following is the conversation that Kevin and I had...


To: Kevin ______ <> Fri, Jun. 12, 2015 at 10:09 AM From: Noah _____ <>

Hey, about what I told you, I've recently heard these stories about how something can get into the hardware and change it up in different ways. Do you think this could explain Gibby?... Get back at me..


To: Noah _____ <> Fri, Jun. 12, 2015 at 10:13 AM From: Kevin ______ <>

Dear Noah, I don't really understand what you mean. Can you explain some more?

Sincerely, Kevin ______


To: Kevin ______ <> Fri, Jun. 12, 2015 at 10:13 AM From: Noah _____ <>

It's really hard to explain... Like a ghost of some sort.... I believe it's possible that a ghost could possess a game disk and take the form of a character in it... Do you really think that Gibby is a ghost?


To: Noah _____ <> Fri, Jun. 12, 2015 at 10:15 AM From: Kevin ______ <>

Dear Noah, I highly doubt it...

Sincerely, Kevin ______


To: Kevin ______ <> Fri, Jun. 12, 2015 at 10:16 AM From: Noah _____ <>

Well, I still don't understand why Gibby is in my game... There needs to be an explanation...


To: Noah _____ <> Fri, Jun. 12, 2015 at 10:16 AM From: Kevin ______ <>

Dear Noah, Can I see that copy of the game so I can see what you're talking about?...

Sincerely, Kevin ______


To: Kevin ______ <> Fri, Jun. 12, 2015 at 10:17 AM From: Noah _____ <>

That would sound good...


Kevin then sent me his P.O. Box and instructed me on sending him the game. I told him I'll send it later in the day. When later came, I took the disk, put it in a yellow envelope that I kept in a desk that I barely use anymore, and wrote a note for him explaining that if he sees anything strange within the game, he needs to contact me immediatly about it. I then drove up to my post office and asked the person at the desk to send this to the following address, To which he asked me why I wanted to send this. I just told him that I was sending an old game of mine to a friend.

Anyway, I'm currently waiting for the package to arrive to Kevin's house. I hope he sees what I see. Anyways, I'll be going now... as always, I'll be updating...


Kevin replied to my email recently, this is what he sent...

________________________________________________________________________________________________To: Noah _____ <> Mon, Jun. 15, 2015 at 9:30 AM From: Kevin ______ <>

Dear Noah, I haven't seen any "Gibby" character in the game, is this a joke? or were you just imagining him?

Sincerely, Kevin ______


I sent him an email asking him if he was sure about this, and he replied saying that he was positive about this since he completed the game. I was defiantly not lying about this, and I was pretty sure I didn't imagine him mainly because of that strange talk I had with him. I was getting nowhere with this, so I just told him to send the game back. I wondered for a while on how I saw Gibby but he didn't. I eventually gave up and tried to forget about it. Later on, I decided to go to my local library to relax. When I got there, I sat down and read some books, I didn't pay attention to the books I got, and I didn't really care since I would usually get attached to it if I read it for a while.

The first books I read were mainly about boats and Lego sculptures which were fairly decent, then the next book I read was about computer viruses, reading the title gave me a new, far more disturbing idea about Gibby... was Gibby a virus that was on the old computer?... When I thought this, I put all the books back and left the library to go to my parents' house. When I got there, I told them if I could borrow the old computer. Thankfully, they said I could use it since they upgraded to a Windows 8 computer and they threw the old one out.

I grabbed all the things in the box with the computer and drove back home. As soon as I entered my house, I set up the computer at that old desk I mentioned and booted it up. The familiar synthetic sound filled the room I was in, and then it went to the desktop screen. The background stayed the same, that happy picture of me and my family at a lake. It was simple, but it was always nice to see. I then began to browse the files, most of them were picture files, dll files, program files, then I checked the Windows Directory where I was greeted with a folder with the name...


I chose to open the file with caution, I then saw the following files: Nownow.txt, Wedont.log, Havetoask.pdf, TOO.txt, many.log, and questions.dll. When I saw the files' names, I became baffled. The names were the words in that response Gibby gave me those many years ago. I attempted to delete the files, but when I did, a text file began downloading. A minute later, the text file opened with the following message...

"Stop what you're doing"

Reading that text made my spine shiver, I began wondering if this was just some message to screw with the user. Another file began downloading a second later, when it opened, it said...

"S T O P I T N O A H"

These files kept opening for a bit before another file began downloading. However, this was not a text file, but a different file named "chef.exe" with the icon of it as a sprite of what appeared to be Gibby. What was disturbing about it was the speed of the download. It began downloading at a fast speed, faster than a usual file on a Windows 98 computer. I pressed down the power button, but to no use. As the file was downloading, a sound that resemled a small bell ringing grew louder and louder as the download bar expanded. I had no clue as to how I could stop this until I saw the plug. When I saw it, I lunged towards it and unplugged it before the file finished its download.

The ringing from my speakers had stopped, and the light from the computer was gone. Nervously, I looked up at the screen. Blackness, a sight that was beautiful for me at the moment. I then got up and took the computer to the box where it originally was while still being shaken up. I then took the box to my bedroom closet and put it behind a set of clothes. Now, I haven't touched the computer for a week, and I don't feel like I want to. The same is said for the game, I don't want to play it.

I don't know where the virus came from, maybe it was put onto the computer through an email or the computer itself was hacked into by some individual and added there. Just the thought of a computer virus disguising itself as a character in a children's game is probably the most disturbing thing that I could've ever imagine, and what makes it worse is that I was tricked into thinking that this thing was supposed to be a character that was featured in the game...

Written by TheAlmightyXbox
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