Glitched kirby squeak squad image by hyperhimes123-dbnrpeu

(NOTE - This contains spoilers to the game "Kirby: Squeak Squad", All rights belong to the developers and Nintendo)

Kirby: Squeak Squad, known in Europe as Kirby: Mouse Attack and in Japan as Kirby of the Stars: Calling on the Dorotche Gang, Developed by Flagship and Natsume and published by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory for the Nintendo DS.

It's not my favorite game in the whole wide world, but it's my favorite game from the Kirby franchise. Don't get me wrong I love all the Kirby games, but there was something about Kirby: Squeak Squad that really caught my interest the most. Being the first Kirby game I've owned and favorite Kirby game in general, I was bound to play it many times until the file was 100% completed.

It was around 12:00 A.M. when this strange event happened. I was watching my TV trying to find channels that would interest me, unfortunately there were none to be found. Now I lay on my bed as I began to get bored. As I try to get some sleep I turn to my side to see my Nintendo DSI laying on top of a bunch of paper, books, and drawing supplies to the side of my head.


I sat up as I picked up my light blue portable handheld, remembering the fun and addictive games that I've played on it.

"I'm surprised that this thing is still here to this day, but I have no complaints at all."

It was true. It was rare that I played on the DSI ever since the 3DS was released. The games on the 3DS had better graphics, It could play virtual console content, and had more potential. I stood up and went to my dresser and open the top drawer to pull out a DS game to play. I dug through the drawer looking at games that I wanted to play or not.

"No...nope...n-...wait...what's this one?"

It was a black case with nothing on it, it was just blank. I flipped the case over to see if there was anything on the other side, and to my surprise there was a ripped piece of paper that had the words "Kirby Squeak Squad" written on it.

"...Oh, THIS case. I know what I'm going to be playing, but I really need to change the cover to this case sometime later."

When I got this for my 7th birthday, it never came with a case to go with the cartridge. It was just inside of a small container. So I got a black blank case and slipped a piece of paper saying "Kirby Squeak Squad" inside of it to remember what game it was. After taking the cartridge out of the case and in to the DSI, I sat on to my bed excited to play one of my favorite DS games of all time.

Once the game loaded up, it felt so refreshing returning to the game after a while and listening to the title screen music, even if it wasn't much. I did 100% the game multiple times, meaning that I got all spray paints (My favorite one being Yellow), all of the pieces to the secret map, and even unlocked Ghost Kirby. Let's just say my experience returning to the game were nothing like all.

Once I loaded up my file, I decided to do Boss Endurance mode. I was in the Transformation Hall and took these specific transformations in order. Fighter, Sword, Tornado, and Cutter. As I entered the lair of King Dedede, I noticed something strange. 

"Wait...Wasn't the game supposed to drop a Max Tomato?"

There was no Max Tomato for me to pickup, leaving me with nothing to heal myself with and an empty item spot on the bottom of my DSI screen. I may have not played this game in a while, but I've played Boss Endurance enough times to know that the game always gives you a Max Tomato before King Dedede.

I could've reset the game right then and there, but I wasn't going to let some stupid item spawn glitch get in the way of my game.

As I entered King Dedede's arena, I was met face to face with King Dedede...but horribly glitched, blue, and out of proportion. I instantly paused the game and just stared at the screen.

"W-What the heck?" I muttered to myself. Leaving the game paused, I set the DSI down next to me on my bed.

After taking some time to think about this, I decided to resume the game and fight...whatever that "Thing" is. I decided to use my Sword Transformation to fight him, but there really wasn't anything different with him. The only thing that was different about him was whenever he slammed his corrupted hammer on the ground, the star that comes out that I could inhale damaged me if I touched it. Luckily it only happened twice and it didn't do that much damage to me.

After only a couple slashes of the sword, he was defeated and I could move on to the 2nd boss. Then again I was scared that my file got corrupted some how. So I did what anyone would've done, Restart my game to see if that would fix it.

After restarting the game, my file was still there but Boss Endurance was still the same. No Max Tomato, King Dedede was still a jumble of pixels, and I assumed that the stars could still hurt you if you touched them. But I took no damage this time, so that was better for me. I moved on to the next boss, Mrs. Moley.

Mrs. Moley was next in Boss Endurance, and she was glitched with the color of green. I knew that my game was corrupted at this point, but the glitch only effected the bosses. Similar to King Dedede, Mrs. Moley wasn't very different, but it chucked the trash at me twice as fast which made it harder for me to dodge. But luckily none of it hit me and I was able to defeat her.

The next to fight was the boss I hated the most in my time playing through this game, Mecha Kracko. The only way I could defeat him efficiently was with the Tornado Transformation due to its fast mobility, good damage, and I could stay in the air to avoid falling in the void. Mecha Kracko looked like a glitched, squeezed, sprite in the color of red and was faster than normal. Instead of doing what it normally did, all it did was bounce around everywhere. If I didn't use that Tornado Transformation, there was no way I would've won that fight.

The next boss was the one who chases you down, Yadogaine. He was a huge, massive, stretched, glitch of the color yellow, but the really strange and special thing about this was that the stage wasn't moving to the right and Yadogaine was just standing still, not even throwing rocks at me.

"Shoot...This could REALLY be bad for my progress...Well, it's to late to turn back now. I mean I've already defeated 4 of these...things. And I doubt restarting it again would fix it.". Like the others, I didn't get hit. Lets hope my luck doesn't fail me now,

Next was the fire bird, Bohboh. It was good for me to have the Tornado Transformation so I could hit flying targets easier. The glitched color it had was fitting, it was stretched, large, and orange. It could dash at me but for some reason, I didn't take any damage from his attack. It's just like he fazed right through me. It also only took way less hits to defeat him too.

Now I had to fight the main villain of the game, Daroach. His glitch color was brown and he looked a little bigger than before, even if he was a glitch for that matter. All he did was spam his bomb throwing move, so the Tornado Transformation proved to be very useful. This was probably one of the more easy bosses I've faced so far.

After beating Daroach, it was time to fight Meta Knight, who was one of my favorite Kirby characters. But now he looked like a more dark, menacing version of Meta Knight. He wasn't corrupted, stretched, or anything broken, but he looked like a remade sprite that looked more evil and sinister than before. He was like Galacta Knight, but more questionable and mysterious. He was wielding a crimson blade and was moving at lightning speed. About 40% of my health was gone when I finally managed to defeat him using my Fighter Transformation.

After beating him, A short but interesting cut-scene played. Instead of his mask breaking off and Meta Knight disappearing, His mask formed a major crack through the center of it as small particles flew everywhere. He then jumped away from Kirby and disappeared in to thin air.

"Wasn't the mask supposed to fully shatter instead of simply cracking?"

I already had a ton questions, but I knew that now is not the best time to be asking them.

The next boss was Dark Daroach. Barely anything was different about him except for what was on his head. It was the sphere of a Yellow Kirby being covered by a red X. It's even worse that the spray paint of my Kirby was yellow. I was his target, I was in the same room with him, and I was in his line of sight. I had to switch to the Cutter Transformation to do some good ranged attacks on him, and it worked to my advantage. After defeating him, it didn't go to the final boss, his sprite just blew up longer than expected. The screen then faded to white and then to black.

It then faded in to the Transformation Hall, but the whole room was darker than normal and my Cutter Transformation was gone. There wasn't even any Transformations that I could was empty. No music, no items, nothing. Just pure silence.

I had no choice but to walk right to the end of the hall. It took longer than usual, but at the end of the hall was the dark Meta Knight I defeated before. Right as he turned around and noticed me, he instantly charged at me at full speed. Luckily, I was able to low sweep him. He tripped over Kirby, fell on his face, and his mask shattered. The screen slowly flashed white and his true identity was revealed.

It was a colorless Kirby with big white eyes with no expression. He just stared at me with his pure white eyes. The Colorless Kirby walked up to Yellow Kirby and did something...really unexpected. He ended up...hugging him. Then he abruptly vanished, fading out of existence...Then the screen faded to black as the Yellow Kirby sprite walked off the screen in the direction I just came from...

This made absolute no sense. Why was my game corrupted and why was it only the bosses? I played through Boss Endurance and the whole game plenty of times before, but that has never happened to me in my life. Also colorless Kirby was evil with the mask on, but when the mask got shattered and destroyed...he just hugged my Yellow Kirby and disappeared?

I had several questions to ask myself on what just happened...

Was the mask controlling him?

Why were the bosses colors glitched different each time?

Why were there glitched bosses in the first place?

Why did the Colorless Kirby hug me? Why did the glitch only effect the bosses?

Why did the Dark Daroach know what color Kirby I was playing as?

How did I never encounter this before after the years and months I've spent with this game?

But the two most important questions were the ones that took the most time to think about...

How, and Why?

I need some time to think about this. But just so you know, I still have the game with me. It still plays and somehow still seems compatible. If anyone would like to ask me any questions on the following events that I've experienced, then feel free to do so.

But for now, I need to do something very important...


- HyperHimes



By the time I was done, My clock said 1:27 A.M. I felt super drowsy but confused at the same time about what the heck just happened, so I decided to try and figure this out in the morning.

I think the amount of questions that I had roaming inside of my head must've been messing with my dreams. The dream that I had was really strange.

I was in that same dark Transformation Room from the end of what ever I played, but it was in a first person perspective. I then walked down the mist filled hallway, which in my dream took me ages to do. But at the end of the corridor, I actually saw that strange Colorless Kirby. He was there, floating in the air...but his feet somehow managed to lie flat.

He then did something unbelievable.

He spoke.

He actually spoke to me.

His voice sounded Raspy, Low pitched, and Emotionless. He then said this to me...

"...I̷̴m̵̕p͘͢r̵į̴̸s̵͝o͏̧͠n̢͘e̕͠d̛ forever...Locked inside of a c͜͢͞a̢̕ģe͜ one can never leave..."

All I did was stand there, staring right at his large, white, soulless, eyes. I couldn't speak, even if I tried to.

"...Thank you...fͫ̈́̒̒ͯ̏or.͈̲͍͇̮͔̮̾̽̂̄̒̏ͫ.̖̯̥̫̋̽͛.̧͓̬̔͒̑̂ͪ͒̑̈̀ͅm̵̡͉̠̻̠̩͕̾̒̔͝y̬̗̻͙̓͋̍̽̇͝.͔̖̱͈̟̥̂ͦ.̧͎̹̥̃ͭ͛ͬ.̸̡̻͕̬̭̘͙ͬ̔͒ͪͭ̒̚̚f̷̢͉̟͎̭̻̼̝͗ͦ́̋̽̅̔̂ͅr̝̩̠̥̫͙̼̾̉̄ͯ̐e̗͚̠͓͚ͫȩ̶̪̰̩̳̬̋̔͊͞ḏ̻͖̤̎̓ͮ̌͆̚͡ȍ͇̣̙͔ͧm̟̻͔̩ͦͯ͝.͇̭̬̭̒̌͋̈́̃͛̾ͤ.̸̡̦͎̜̂̈́ͨ̑͐̓̐ͨͮ͠.̶̝̺͚̓̅ͫ͠

He then faded out of existence and I stood there for a couple of seconds in total silence before I turned around to where I was met with a bright light at the end of the hallway. I walked towards it and woke up in a flash.

I checked my Kirby Squeak Squad file immediately after I woke up to see if anything in the game had changed. There were a couple of glitched enemies, but the textures corrected and fixed themselves and made them normal again. There wasn't a huge change of game play. Most of the day, all I was doing was thinking about the Colorless Kirby I met near the end of the corridor and trying to find a meaning to the dream I had. If the rest of the glitched monsters wanted to kill me, why didn't he finish me off?

Was it that mask he was wearing? Did I presumably free his soul from that mask because some background force was forcing him to do this?

As of this current time, That's the only Explanation that I could think of.

But what controlled the mask and caused that Colorless Kirby to do...all of this?

That question makes me confused even to this day.

 - HyperHimes