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The Story of Glitchman. He will always be with me.

The GlitchEdit

I never owned an NES, and I didn't want to buy one, so I just got an emulator on the internet. I got it from a place that no longer exist, and this was before I knew about CoolRoms. After the Website went down, my emulator was deleted, but I still had my roms. All of them were normal except Mega Man 1. It warned to only be used with that specific emulator or else glitches would occor. So I downloaded Jnes and tried all the games I had. All of them worked fine. I tried Mega Man last. It started normally, and I selected Cut Man's stage. I teleported in, but Mega Man, was not Mega Man. His color pattern was changed. He was puple with grey outlines and 2 different shades of 


red eyes. I quickly got my camera and snapped a picture. He looked as though he shouldn't have even been in the game.

I thought it was just an error and continued on.

He wasn't there

I got to Cut Man, but he was not there. I took another picture and the screen faded. It went to stage select again.

Cut Man now replaced Ice Man, and 2 purple circles replaced where Cut Man should've been. I selcted that and was transported to Fire Man's stage. It progressed normally, and I fought Fire Man. I was about to beat him, but the game froze. After taking another picture, I reopened the game. It stated again, but Instead of the normal start screen, it showed the glitched Mega Man and said: "Any time you need me, sya my name, and I will come. I am Glitchman."



2 circles


Press Start

I didn't believe what it said. I knew it was glitching up, so I just switched to Legend of Zelda. I then noticed the battery on my camera died. Oh well. I made it to the 5th dungeon and couldn't beat the boss. I got

frusterated and started yelling. I wanted to calm down so I just randomly said Glitchman. Nothing happened. Thought so. So I coninued on, and got more frustrated at the boss. I wanted to calm down again, and this time, decided to type out Glitchman. Suddenly, The glitched Mega Man showed up and beat the boss for me. I was so confused. He then disappeared. I booted up all the games I had for Jnes, and he showed up in all of them. I don't know how, but I am protected.e 

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