stupid fat-man

So you love to eat and eat, and not share

Well then I have the lesson for you

You really should have been wise and learned to care

For those you ignored want you to suffer too


For people who do this you are a glutton

Not giving a care for those who are starving

You wouldn’t even give them the smallest piece of mutton

You wouldn’t invite the lesser of you to a turkey carving


Think about those who are lesser

Some may dismiss those people malnourished

But certain individuals aren’t these feels suppressor

Those who you have tread over, now undernourished


>For when you reach the afterlife you will be punished

You would have wished you had practiced the virtue of temperance

For Beelzebub will make sure your deadly sins have not gone unpunished

You really should have learned to be generous


For your sins many of your inferiors may die

And when they die they will have only one dying wish

For someone to kick you around and spit in your eye

For you are a glutton, and you would not share what was on your dish


The Prodigy 15:01, January 31, 2014 (UTC)</span></p>

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