When I was a child, I used to play Monopoly for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I loved the Nintendo and would stay up past my bed time to play it.

It was not until recently that I have stopped playing Monopoly NES for good. This creepypasta is also about a personal Monopoly experience that is real.

I dug out my old Nintendo collection from my NES game basket and prepared for some nostalgia. It took some tries for my old Nintendo to kick back into gear, but it eventually worked. The Monopoly Logo popped up with the great Monopoly title song.

Walking Bass, Great Harmony, and everything the NES Monopoly title song was great for. I pressed start and the game switched to the setup screen that always looked off. It is a generic, brick-walled bank vault background, in which where you make selections to setup the game. After picking the awesome thimble that I always am, I chose an AI and began the game.

The music left, as Monopoly usually does when one plays the NES version. We carried out our turns consecutively, just like a normal Monopoly match. The nostalgia kicked in as all the wonderful jingles and musical phrases the NES makes after certain actions kicked in. I was in heaven.

However, I felt like something was going to happen. A fear that something in the game would happen that is terrible, and I’m not talking about bankruptcy. Then It happened. I landed in jail from getting a chance card. I froze. The sound coming out from my Nintendo was the most hellish thing imaginable. I nearly wet my pants. I had to shut off the game. I couldn’t bear it. I looked online to find the same heart-wrenching theme, and found it.

The sound is so gut wrenching. It sounds like a heart attack, and this sound has kept me up for nights upon nights at a time, even to this day. I cannot stand it, so I quit. I quit playing Monopoly Nintendo forever.

<<Link To The Song>>

Monopoly (NES) Music - Go To Jail


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